Deep, Disco, and Dance in The District

March 20, 2013 -

Daily Beat Staff

French-Express-Vol_-1-1The past few years in D.C. have left me with countless memorable nights of great music that I wish I could re-live over and over again. Rarely does a night come a long where I can guarantee beforehand that "this night" will be remembered as one of the best. But tomorrow night I am confident will be one of the top nights of music I've been a part of in Washington.

To start things off I'll be heading to the 9:30 Club, one of D.C.'s premiere venues for two very different acts both of which I could not be more equally excited for. First up will be Chris Malinchak, and if you haven't heard his music yet it's something you must get on... right now.

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 5.19.23 PMChris has been one of the drivers in the French Express takeover that has been gripping my ears like a vice for the past year. Him, Jonas Rathsman, Perseus, Moon Boots and more are doing wonders over at French Express and any night where I can get myself a little taste is a night I am more than eager for.

Following Malinchak will be a much different vibe as Booka Shade, the duo from Germany known for deep tones and great live shows, will be taking the stage. Booka Shade has been releasing albums for nearly the past ten years and started releasing their own singles ten years prior. In 2006 their album Movements saw worldwide recognition, and spawned the hit "Body Language".

2006 was a breakout year for Booka Shade as this single brought them to the dance music's biggest stage, earning them a 2 hour slot with Pete Tong for one of my all time favorite Essential Mixes.

They went on tour with the first ever Identity Festival in 2011 and took the US by storm for an entire summer, and from that point on I knew never to miss a Booka Shade show when possible.

After Chris Malinchak and Booka Shade bid us adieu, I, the Doctor of Disco, will be taking my talents to the best place in the city for dancing, U Street Music Hall (I am a top tier Lebron hater.) At UStreet will be someone who knows so much about making people want to dance, he has nearly cured  Polio in most countries.

I love French Express, even tho they're located in New York. I love French fries and I love French toast, even tho they're both referred to as 'freedom' in the south ('MURICA!). But when it comes to real French music, the best of the best comes from Ed Banger Records, and waiting for UStreet will be Ed Banger pioneer, Breakbot.

Now that's just a great song / video. Must watch for everyone. But Breakbot is more than that. Breakbot is setting the tone, getting you to move, and keeping you happy all night. With funked out remixes of tracks we know and love to pretty much any deep cut b-side beefed up enough to make the dance floor pop.

Tomorrow night is what we call the 3-point play. First you nail the layup, with Chris Malinchak and Booka Shade. Two huge points comprised of two very different styles of music, but I'm down for both. Then after we get a free throw at UStreet, because Breakbot is an absolute shoe in to keep the party going all night.



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