Dead Rocks V ~ Are You Ready?

June 28, 2018 -

Barrett Hoffer

We are less than a week away from Dead Rocks, & this year marks the 5th installment of the annual event. To commemorate the milestone, this years festivities will span the course of two days. Twice the pregaming. Twice the hike up from the parking lot. Twice the amount of time with your friends upon the steep steps of Red Rocks Amphitheater. Twice the excitement. Twice the supporting acts (if not more). Twice the Zeds. And twice the sunsets. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. Fortunately for you, I’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you out in Denver  - tickets, pregaming, sustenance, venue safety, money saving, timing, & artist familiarity.

Tickets - First and foremost is taking care of business outside of the venue. For tickets, y’all are in luck because both Monday & Tuesday shows still have tickets for sale from the venue retailer. The secondary market is not yet needed, but if it does come down to it, I recommend using Stub Hub or Seat Geek. Don't risk getting scammed by trying to save a few bucks. You can't put a price on the pain you'll feel when you're stuck standing outside because you got sold bogus tickets.

Pregaming - Colorado is special because it offers certain green party supplies that aren't available for purchase in most US States. If this is something that's up your alley, I highly (lol) recommend taking full advantage of your surroundings. Weedmaps is a great places to start. Be aware that alot of venues don't allow consumption on property, so keep it to at home for before and after the show.

Sustenance - With quite a high population of young people, Denver is a city bursting with creative ideas. This especially applies in the food arena. My recommendation for the perfect recovery meal is undoubtedly with Denver Biscuit Co. This place has a tendency to get jam packed with a line out the door and an hour or more wait time. Don’t let that deter you. Rather, let it inspire you to plan ahead so you and yours can facilitate what is sure to be a not soon forgotten culinary adventure.

Venue Safety - Since that's squared away, let's talk about what's goin’ down in between those giant, beautiful, red rocks. First up is the obvious, safety. Watch out for eachother, ya know? Don't go overboard on the experience enhancers (drinking, smoking, etc). If you cover that, then be sure to cover sunscreen. This is really important y'all, and I'm not saying this just because I'm a ginj. Skin cancer is real and sunburns suck, royally. Remember, you're up at a literal mile of elevation where the sun is alot more intense. You'll burn harder and faster.

Money Saving - Now that personal safety is taken care of, lets take care of that wallet. This one's obvious folks, food is always more expensive in the venue! Get a good meal in before heading up, so you can rage the night away and save the munching for after the show.

Timing - Speaking of this pre Dead Rocks meal, I’d get it early because you're gonna want to get to the venue early. This year is boasting 5 openers each night. None of whom perform both nights. With names such as Mad Zach, DNMO, Rusko, & um.., it's gonna be nothing but straight fuego form open to close, mark my words.

Artist Familiarity - Not familiar with all the openers? Then now is the time to do some homework! My recommendation is to check out this interview with DNMO conducted by none other than Daily Beat’s very own Ashlyn Fulton. Hungry for more? Check out my quick interview with um.. to hear their thoughts about the upcoming event. 

Safe travels everyone, I will see you in the mile high city soon enough.

Featured photo by Ashlyn Fulton Photography



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