DB Spotlight + Interview: Chad Meador

June 2, 2016 -

Bradley J. Callison

Rising Texas producer Chad Meador has been enjoying the ride as of late and things are really starting to come together. Coming off a stellar performance at Foam Wonderland, the versatile producer is quickly making impressions and leaving his mark. A fairly new face on the scene, Meador has wasted no time in gaining fans, support and respect from his peers. His latest release is just another sentiment to his prowess as a producer who does his own thing. "Ransack" blew me away time after time when I listened to it and it is no wonder he is starting to gain some worthy attention. Chad Meador's personal take on Hardstyle and adding other elements and styles to his productions is what is going to be they key to his continued success in this industry. Meador has a few tricks up his sleeve for this summer so be sure to keep a lookout and as always, let the music be your guide.


So how has the journey been so far this year?
"It's been good man, finally started playing a few gigs, have released some tunes this year that have done well. Still trying to improve as a producer, but I think I’m close. Heaps of tracks coming this summer that I’m beyond stoked for!"
What have you learned the most in between shows and time spent in the studio?
"Up until this year, I had never played in front of a crowd before, so seeing how a crowd reacts to the music I play has helped me in the studio so much. Being able to see what music really goes off life and what doesn't’t has really helped me from a production standpoint. Now I can write a track with an idea of how a crowd will react to it, that is when I know a track is good enough to be released or not."
How do you see yourself fitting into the saturated scene that is the music industry today?
"I really feel that I bring such diversity to the scene that organically sets me apart from others. Personally, I’m not writing music with the idea of headlining every festival in the world, don’t get me wrong I’d love to do that, but that isn’t what I see myself doing in the long run. I don’t know, I just want to write music that is compelling and moves people. Not just make banger after banger if that makes sense."
What are you hoping to gain the most out of this year?
"I have an EP coming out through Electrostep Network that I think will be a real game changer, so the ultimate goal is to smash out this summer and let these summer releases lead to bigger and better things in the fall. I have a project with Disco’s Over in the works that I truly think will change things for me as well so be on the lookout for that! I just want to get my music in as many ears as possible and meet as many people as I can."
If you could collab with any producer who would it be?
"I have been listening to an artist out of Houston called Prismo a lot lately. Great kid, super talented producer, and I would love to just sit in a studio with him and write. Aside from him, I would love to work with Deorro, our styles are a bit different, but I truly believe that he is the best dance music producer in the world, so I think I could learn heaps from him."


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Chad Meador




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