Datsik Reminds Us: “With Great Partying Comes Great Responsibility”

March 9, 2015 -

Danielle Brescia

Before his show in Colorado we had a chance to catch up with Datsik in the middle of his Ninja Nation Tour. He took a break from killer snowboarding to tell us all about how crazy of an adventure the tour has been, his inspirations, and what we have to look forward to.

You are about half way through the tour now. What have the highlights been and what are you looking forward to?

It has been crazy so far! A lot of really good shows more than half of them have been sold out. We just have fun, party every night and we drink a lot of wine to stay healthy. With great partying comes great responsibility! There are lot of really cool people on the tour, couldn’t ask for anything more.

Where did you get the theme of Ninja for your album and tour?

I am really into ninjas and have been for a long time. With both snowboarding and having ninja mentality as a way of life. Everyone should be a ninja at something, whether it’s writing great interviews or making music, incorporate the ninja mentality into your own style.


You just visited our sister EDC to the south in Mexico. How was that experience?

It was crazy! I have never traveled so much in my life! 7-8 shows back to back then flew to EDC Puerto Rico, flew back did 6-7 more shows, then EDC Mexico. I had only been to Cabo before in Mexico so it was cool to experience Mexico City. Then we flew back to Aspen and rented a chalet and hit a foot of fresh snow.

With hip hop in your roots, what currently influences your music and who in the industry do you draw inspiration from?

As you know I am really into hip hop and especially Wu Tang for a long time. I come from the west coast so of course I love Snoop and Dre. Mixing hip hop and electronic music is what I got really into as opposed to many who come from a metal background.

You have had quite a few successful collaborations in your career. Any dream collaborations or ones soon to come?

I have a song coming out with Barely Alive called The Blastaz be on the lookout for that. But dream collaborations would be anything with Snoop or Method Man.

Who do you feel is up and coming in the game?

Everyone on Firepower I really support what they are doing. Fox Stevenson is great he makes all kinds of music and sings over it as an all in one song writing machine.

What can San Diego expect next week for the show?

Well of course shout out to everyone in San Diego. I have played Bassmnt a couple times but now we are mixing it up in a bigger venue. We will have bigger sound with us and we are going to bring the place down!


Be sure get Datsik's album Down 4 My Ninjas on iTunes. #D4Mn and The Blastaz out today! Check out a show on the Ninja Nation Tour and get ditry with Datsik!

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