Daily Beat Takes a Peek Through the Looking Glass [1,000 Post Review]

July 2, 2013 -

Brett Blackman

It's a July, W&W is making history playing at the Philadelphia Phillies stadium in a few days, Camp Bisco is a week away, and Daily-Beat just hit 1,000 posts. With so many reasons to celebrate, I thought I would put a little something something together after the 8 months, 2,600+ likes on Facebook, 100k+ visits and other milestones we've hit as of late. After much debate what to do (not really), I've dug through ALL 1,000 posts to bring you my personal favorite articles that I've done, as well as ones from my fellow bloggers and I've hyperlinked them to the original articles. Without further ado, let the lists begin!

10. Ronin - Gotham
Gotham is one of my favorite tracks at the moment. If you are a gamer or used to be a gamer, you're going to love this track as it takes you on a journey with that Bombermanesque feel. I'm happy to have met the Philadelphia duo, Ronin earlier this year through a mutual friend during a night out at Webster Hall. It's nice to see their growth as producers over the last few months, and can't wait to show you what is in store soon. Recently, Ronin's newest original was featured on House.net and hit 17k - that was pretty sweet!

9.Wantpicks – Daily Beat Takeover mixed by Manila Killa [Download]
Last month I was ecstatic to find an email from Wantickets asking if Daily Beat and one of our DJs wanted to do a guest mix for their feature mix, Wantpicks. This may be one of my favorite personal victories for our blog and my friend, Chris aka Manila Killa. The mix showcases a chill vibe, and some of his best work, including: personal remixes, originals by his favorite artists, and an original of his teased off his upcoming EP.

8.Let The Fourth Be With You: Five Star Wars Songs & Outfits From Black Milk Clothing You Can’t Live Without
I can say this is one of my all time favorite pieces I've done. It's true, I like Star Wars. Combining my love of music and hope of women everywhere rocking the Star Wars themed Black Milk Clothing spandex and bathing suits, the bi product was this. It was National Star Wars Day, May 4th and while I was listening to Coyote Kisses remix of John Williams "Binary Suns," I saw multiple pictures of girls rocking Star Wars Black Milk Clothing leggings and bathing suits. Then it hit me that I should do this article. I hope you like it!

7. DJ Madness - 2013 Promo Mix
I was first introduced DJ Madness and his ridiculous bootlegs by my friend Shrey a few months ago. Since then I can't get enough of his music. The man has a knack for creating monster bootlegs and mixing. I'll let the music speak on this one. Also, yesterday, DJ Madness dropped a new mix for a competition at Echostage to potentially play with Cedric Gervais and 12th Planet you should check out as well (which you can find here).

6. Coachella 2013: A Pictorial Survival Guide
Two words: Animal onesie. If one of my friends or followers is reading this and feels inclined to buy me one, I will gladly accept. However, the true importance of this article was to show my shenanigans in pictures of one of the best weekends I've ever had, and to attempt to explain to the world the do's and don't of Coachella for weekend 2. While people don't always see eye to eye, I hoped this article could help better the experience for all Coachellians. All I know is that I will be going back next year.

5. Miami Music Week & Ultra 2013 Recapped in 33 PIctures
Now this was a trip. Between the night out at Story for Cedric Gervais, the three days of Ultra, Elektro Magazine's pool party, a night out at Club Space for Gareth Emery, and a day at Spinnin' Records Spinnin Session's, the best part for me (as most shows) is making new friends and reconnecting with ones I've not seen in a while. I think I ran into Carnage and Tommie Sunshine almost every day, and one time outside of a pizza shop I gave this guy a Daily Beat sticker and my business card - turns out it was Griz. My favorite memory of the trip has to be running into Lady Casa.

4.We Came, We Rave, We Loved: Swedish House Mafia Black Tie Rave in Review
I wasn't going to miss out seeing the Swedish House Mafia for the first time in a tux with one of my best friends. The Swedish trio really know how to throw a party and to keep it classy. All the details are left in the writeup about the event. I will say though that this is one of my favorite writer ups I've done as a music journalist.

3. A Daily Beat Exclusive: The Man Behind the Cat Face, Cameron Kush + Monsters and Men – Little Talks (Mischief Remix)
Cats. Mischief and I instantly became friends based on our mutual love for cats in our interview. It was nice seeing the side of him and his music his fans may not get to normally see aka a "happy song" according to him. You should just see the play count I have on his "Little Talks" remix, it's embarrassingly high. Also, congratulations to Mischief on his new residency at the new club, The Wall .

2. A Tale of Two Ravers: A Last Minute Rendezvous to The Late Show with Zedd, Foxes and Alvin Risk
How do I put this gently... I got to see Zedd perform on the Late Show, traded kandi with him, hugged Foxes and gave her this cool bracelet I found a few days before, and met Alvin Risk. This paragraph wouldn't do the writeup justice, so click away!

1. Myon & Shane54′s Alchemy Redemption Remix
Going back to the beginning, my first article I ever wrote for Daily Beat. I was listening to Above & Beyond's old radio show, Trance Around The World, when I instantly fell in love with Myon & Shane54's Alchemy Redemption Remix. For some reason I really wanted to write about the song, and at the time I kept seeing posts by my friend Sandro on a blog called "Daily Beat." I knew Sandro DJd a little and loved music, but I had no idea what this blog was. I chatted him up and was given a walkthrough on how to use WordPress for the first time - that was an experience. I can thank studying abroad in London and meeting Sandro through my flatmate, Martin at Eric Prydz's "Epic" show. I guess what started as a hobby, 7 months later I'm still around. Funny how things work.

10. The Sexiest Thing to happen to EDM since Spandex
The power of the Internet is amazing, because apparently being edgy and having a clever title gets you places. Because of Lee Foss liking our writeup, apparently 5,000+ people did too once he shared it on his Facebook page. That simple share I think got us over 100 likes on our page that day. This is probably one of the most memorable posts we've done.

9. Interview with Danny Avila and Deniz Koyu
Awkwardly I never really knew who Danny Avila or Deniz Koyu were before this interview. Clearly since then and their Generation Wild Tour, the two along with DBerrie and Mikael Weermitz have gotten a whole lot bigger as DJs. There are just so many DJs out there, it is sometimes hard to keep track of them it. Now I know. I really liked this article because the two have really cool stories about themselves. Plus it was interesting to see this interview and get a perspective from the European side of things. Note aside, you can't help but love their personal photographer, Kirill who took the photo above.

8. Londons 10 Most Influential Tracks of 2012
Despite being half way around the world, Sam Owers (A London lad) and I made a pretty similar list for the most influential songs at the time. It's interesting to see what the music scene is like around the world. Not surprisingly, the big names Avicii, Martin Solveig, Axwell and Swedish House Mafia, Zedd, Deadmau5, Alesso, Dirty South, Kaskade and Skrillex make the list for being the most influential artists. No one can deny that these artists have shaped the scene for what it is today. However, it is funny to me to not see a Tiesto, Above and Beyond or Armin Van Buuren on the list. I am interested to see what the list will look like in 2013.

7. Daily Beat Exlusive Interview: Kitsch 2.0
Sometimes it takes a little spotlight to reach that big break. For the french duo, Kitsch 2.0 it was right after they won the Dada Life competition earlier in the year for their remix of "Feed the Dada". It's funny, after asking them if they wanted to do an interview with Daily Beat, we found that we would be their first interview in English, let alone on their first American Blog. I really enjoyed that.
6. Smoke, Lazers and Let The Bass Drop: A Special Interview with Beauty, DJ Bambi
I like this article because everything about it is just so random. It was a few days before New Years when I saw Bambi close out Pier 94 with Nervo, Steve Aoki and Benny Benassi, and I was still wondering who this DJ was. A few days later at New Years I met these two girls Brianna and Ashlyn (AB RAVE GIRLS) at Webster Hall during New Years through everyones favorite bartender, Rawb Lane. After asking them if they wanted to write a review for their experience at Dada Land with Dada Life in Brooklyn, a week later they were texting me how they ran into Bambi and her manager at Santos Party House a week later. Super casually, they got an interview with Bambi for us. Sometimes you just have to put yourselves out there. Now it's safe to say that Eva Shaw aka DJ Bambi has skyrocketed in popularity since we interviewed her earlier this year. Since then, Bambi has gotten a residency at Hakkasan and is the talk of the East Coast. Just a few days ago Bounce Boat announced her as the headliner on the 1,000 person yacht. I've yet to see her headline, and only hearing great things about Bounce Boat through friends, I can't wait to go. It's funny because I just wrote a piece on the event a few weeks ago, HERE.
5. Adele - Skyfall (Evan Duffy Cover)
Evan Duffy is such a talent. I heard a lot of his covers before his rendition of "Skyfall," but the way this was done is just on a whole other level. Of course I loved the original that was in the newest bond movie, and this cover really does the original justice. Between the cinematography, vocalist, the trio doing an almost orchestral routine and Duffy, this is one of my favorite songs pieces to hit the Internet. I can't wait to see more from the pianist in the future. If you haven't heard about him before I highly suggest checking out his covers on YouTube.

4. What to Wear to Coachella – Mens Edition |
Festival Fashions for Coachella 2013 – Ladies Edition
Fashion is huge, but it is not always talked about by music blogs. However, Daily Beat tries to change that with some of our write ups. Going into Coachella I knew I really wanted a male and female piece on what to wear to the biggest festival on the West coast, so after talking with a few fellow writers we decided to break up it into two posts. The Internet is a crazy place and when you see That Madonna Girl and her flower halo's, and Bad Kids Clothing taking up my Twitter and Facebook feeds, I know these two had to be featured. It was really fun working with my friends on this, and I hope to continue the trend more for other upcoming festivals, especially Camp Bisco (hint hint). If we could get feedback if you liked these articles, and if you want them in the future or any other clothing articles let myself or our blog know.

3. Behind the Lens Part I: EDC Chicago with Da Black Swan
Behind the Lens Part II: Electric Daisy Carnival Chicago with Krystal Spencer
A month ago Daily Beat was lucky enough to cover Electric Daisy Carnival Chicago. We were even luckier to have two amazing photographers, Da Black Swan and Krystal Spencer . The two photographers perfectly capture the three day festival. While I may not have been there, nor many of you either, I think it is say to say you can be taken on quite the nice photographic journey.

2. Red Carpet – Alright (Teknartist, Gerald Thomas & LuVitt Sunshine Remix) [DOWNLOAD]
You know the moment you are mentally crying because you don't know a song that is being played? Sure you do. Well, the other week when I heard Philadelphia DJ, Teknartist drop this song what was an ID at the time, I could only help but wonder what it was. I don't know why I love this song so much, but I do. It's always nice finding out about local DJ's and Teknartist and Gerald Thomas & LuVitt remix this song to perfection. Just imagine listening to this on loud speakers. Enjoy!
1.To The Teenage Producer Who Continues to Spam Social Media with Music
How many readers did we lose by the end of this writeup? You're probably the 1% who made it to the end, so congratulations. I may take a survey to see if people enjoyed this piece and made it to the end with actually clicking all if not most of the links. None the less, the last article! What I like so much about what I do is I get to see both sides of the spectrum between DJs trying to get out their material (my friends I work with), and receiving messages from aspiring DJs to post their music on Daily Beat. It's difficult to get noticed, and sometimes it takes making a breakout track more so than what platform you get on. However, my advice to aspiring DJs is to get your music out there to as many possible people and to not give up your dream if this really is what you want.This is a very insightful writeup that our head honcho of the site wrote. I appreciate you staying until the end of this writeup and I hope you enjoyed. I found it very difficult writing about so many different topics all at once. Any positive or negative feedback is appreciated. Until next time. Here is to another 1,000 posts.

~Brett Blackman

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