Daily Beat Presents: An Interview with Eekkoo [+ Mau5trap Release link]

April 11, 2014 -

Oli Fletcher

Upon the release of Mau5trap's latest track Towers, we are delighted to announce that the man responsible for the tune is none other than Canada's Eekkoo! Found and nurtured by Deadmau5 himself, this guy has had more than enough practise using those signature Mau5trap, analog sounds (it helps that he spends a lot of time teaching as a sound engineer!). Eekkoo is absolutely unstoppable at the moment, and we were lucky enough to get a chance to catch up with him. Here are a few questions we put forward to him:

As a sound engineer, you obviously have a passion for the technological side of music, but have you ever been involved in the classical side?

As a sound engineer, I am open to any musical genres. I had the chance to work on lots of different projects. With different musicians, instruments and pieces of gears. There’s nothing more exciting to me than to record a grand piano - so many possibilities.

Do you think one of the key elements to your music, and a key element in electronic production altogether is finding your own unique sound? Or do you think it is more important to focus on good music rather than just trying to be completely unique?

Not sure if being unique can be a conscious achievement. I am either writing a chord progression, sequencing a drum part or designing a cool sound with only one thing in mind: “is this cool enough to make a full song out of it?”. I’m really not overthinking things. Well, sometimes I do, but it always feels very natural and not forced.

 Would you say that there shouldn't be this duty for producers to release tracks month by month to keep fans happy? or would you say its more important to take time, carefully writing and enjoying your music?

I think it comes down to whatever pleases the producer. As for me, I just want to experiment.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes making new grooves and sounds.  I do it without thinking if a new track has to come out of it.  Having that mindset makes bad music.

So far, your musical repertoire has mainly been influenced around techno, do you have any plans to explore any other capabilities of yours, or to sit tight and elaborate upon the genre you enjoy most?

I am a successful Deep House producer too! But I’ll leave this on the side. Honestly, I want to experiment as much as I can with my music so there’s really no limitation here. And mau5trap is very open to everything I am offering them. Now that’s cool!

You're just about to release a new track on Deadmau5's Mau5trap label, along with a few previous tracks you have already released, is releasing tracks on a label as well known and revered as this something that excites you? or are you more excited about the music you're releasing?

Good question! Releasing new music feels so great, it’s an accomplishment. But 4 or 5 years ago, being able to release new material under mau5trap was the ultimate goal!

Coming from Canada, you obviously share the same origins as Mr. Mau5, how did you get involved with Joel and Mau5trap?

The Internet folks, the Internet. How easy it is to get in touch with the right people nowadays? It’s fantastic! Joel dug my productions on Soundcloud and his team at mau5trap made it happen! So here I am.

Lastly, drugs have always been associated with the music industry, especially nowadays with drug taking occurring amongst younger and younger men and women. What's your view on how this affects our enjoyment and appreciation of music? Does it take emphasis off of the work and pain gone into creating music for fans to enjoy? Or should it be the responsibility of the user to decide how he/she enjoys music?

I don’t feel like anybody should encourage drug use. It’s unhealthy. Period. That being said, if you’re well informed and conscious of what you’re doing, you do whatever you want to do. Responsibly.

We wish Eekkoo every success with this latest release, we are sure it will be big! It is currently up for pre-order (link here). Stay tuned with us for the full release!


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