Daily-Beat.com Presents: An Interview with Sauniks

March 6, 2014 -

Christopher Lavinio

With such a great presence in the city of brotherly love, Daily Beat decided to get the inside scoop on one of Philadelphia's premiere up and coming DJs, Sauniks (aka Matt Warnock). Ever since his artistry birth in 2012, Sauniks has partnered with labels such as Metronix Recordings and Weather Beats. With his remixes and original works spanning multiple genres of electronic music, Sauniks brings a fruitful composition to his works, showing a unique skill set in the competitive DJ industry. With a plethora of expected production forthcoming as well as big plans for future live performances, it’s looking like the spotlight will be opening a spot for this ambitious producer. Check out our full interview with the up and coming DJ/producer below:

CL: Glad you're joining us here with this Daily-Beat.com exclusive interview!

Thanks Chris! I'm thrilled to be able to share this opportunity with you.

CL: To start, I wanted to get an idea as to how the Sauniks brand started, and what inspired you behind the creation of the artist and name?

When I first started making electronic music, my top idols were comprised of Skrillex, Nero, and Deadmau5 to name a few. Before I created my alias, I knew I wanted to name myself something original like these guys. At first, I created the name "5on1x" which stemmed from a nickname I had in college. Unfortunately, a lot of people had trouble pronouncing it so I then changed it to "Sauniks" to remedy that. There are other justifications behind that name but that would have to be the biggest one.

CL: Do you feel you have developed a personal sound? With so many producers in the big-room, progressive segments of electronic music, artists these days are searching for that signature sound.

To a degree, I believe I have but I'm always eager to evolve it even further. I don't like to look at my sound as a destination but rather a journey if that makes sense. I love to experiment with new styles and sounds all the time and I actually have several unreleased tracks that bring a little of something new to the table.

CL: Classical music has always been a foundation for many artists' success. How have you found your experiences with classical music throughout the Sauniks career?

Indeed it has. I've always been the most inspired by the classically trained producers like Zedd. My classical background doesn't extend as deep as his but enough where I can say it has really helped with my music. I feel my knowledge of theory as well as being able to play several instruments gives me the ability to look at my music from multiple perspectives.

CL: How has your hometown Philadelphia club scene treated you? What have you observed about the scene and how do you think you can make your mark in 2014?

The clubs in Philly are awesome and I really love going out to them but I never had the opportunity to play at them yet. The scene overall is very diverse, even for EDM. Some clubs will play indie dance and deep house while others will throw huge ragers. When I start playing the scene (which should be soon) I really want to bring diversity back in the the club sets. 128 beats per minute for over an hour straight can get boring to some. But ultimately, we need to bring back the festivals.

CL: We all know the live scene is the true breakout in the industry. What has been the biggest crowd you have played for? Any festivals or openings you enjoyed?

The largest crowd I ever had the opportunity to play was actually my first show ever in Fairfax, VA. I believe the nightclub's capacity was around 300 but I'm unsure of the actual attendance that night. It was enough to make me really nervous but was still super fun. I really look forward to playing festivals in the future though. Something about playing outside makes it a little more special.


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