Daily Beat Exclusive Interview: KitSch 2.0

February 26, 2013 -

Finn Lurcott

Recently, we had the opportunity to interview French DJ Duo, KitSch 2.0. For those of you who are not familiar with this uprising DJ Duo, their names are Florent Hugel & Alexandre Borde. They strive on making people move on the dancefloor and their music has been noticed by big names such as David Guetta, Chuckie, and Thomas Gold, just to name a few.They will released their single "Housecoholic" on John Dahlback's label Mutants, March 4th. Check out what they have been up to as we they give us this exclusive interview.

Daily Beat: How much has French House/Disco been an influence to your music, did people such as Daft Punk ever affect the way you produce

KitSch 2.0: Of course, french-touch & filtered disco-house have been great sources of inspiration. Daft Punk remains a real model for us but it impacted more our willing to produce music rather than our musical identity. Musical trends evolved a lot in betwee, so many other artists and musical trends - not necessarily French - influenced our music.

Daily Beat: How much of an influence has producing in Marseilles been? Is it where you guys have grown up and met?

KitSch 2.0: We are born in Marseille, we met in Marseille. We’ve been friends since many years. We have our little studio surrounding the Mediterranean sea. It’s just lovely, away from Marseille’s noisy downtown. It’s closed to an old fishing place and it’s like our paradise. We find our inspiration here.

Daily Beat: How do you see the french electronic music scene right now?

KitSch 2.0: A new bunch of young producers is emerging, just like we are. We are happy with this but unlike what happened during French Touch, there’s a kind of misunderstanding between our generation of producers and the most of the clubs. Rather than welcoming us and supporting our music, they sometimes seem to ignore us. We hope they’ll all embrace the EDM big wave right soon !

Daily Beat: Do you think the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to the commercialization of electronic music?

KitSch 2.0:We hardly know how to react. Internet has changed everything in the musical industry and music is not bought like it used to be. Regarding electronic music producers, we all should live thanks to our music but it’s far from being simple. On the first hand, sales and licence royalties generate less money than before but, on the other hand, booking fees are higher... A new balance seems to rise up. We think labels must spend money to promote and support new talents like us. Personally, we chose to offer many things to our fans, even if we are aware of the industry rules. We all know we’re facing a big concurrence inside an ever more reduced clubbing target, that’s why we try to be fresh and different in our approach.

Daily Beat: What are your thoughts on the accusations of big artists being said to 'dumb down' electronic music in order to appeal more to the masses?

KitSch 2.0:You probably think of those who chose to produce easy mainstream music in order to get known. We ourselves tried to do this once but we quickly came back to our first love, which is underground club music. We don’t blame anyone because we respect all the DJ-producers who assume composing easy electronic music to reach a larger audience. In fact, we think artists are not responsible for this. Radios just don’t support quality underground artists enough. We are not confortable with all these radios asking artists for a very special and formated kind of music.

Daily Beat: Talking with you earlier after winning Dada Life's Feed the Dada comeption, how much has that changed your guys career?

KitSch 2.0: Not yet ! (LOL) It gives us a very high exposure and we are very proud Dada Life chose us considering the very hard competition we had to face with. We admire and respect them since a long time.

Daily Beat: Are you almost done setting up your houseaholic tour? What are your goals for the future, an American tour potentially or to play at a festival of course?

KitSch 2.0: We are still making up our minds to find the right concept so it allows us to set up parties that really match with us. «Housecoholic» is a real state of mind and it sums it up quiet well : Being festive and share the love for club music. We’d love touring the US soon, this is one of our main goals.

Daily Beat: We love that you give back to your fans with a podcasts and bootlegs. Do you have any special things you want to give our bloggers a sneak peek at?

KitSch 2.0: Thanks ! We’ve always tried to share a lot with our fans. We have a really busy studio schedule, with many official remixes to be done. So we don’t have much free time to work on any exclusive remixes at the moment but we keep on dropping free download bootlegs on a very regular basis. If you don’t wanna miss any of them, just follow us !

Daily Beat: If there is anything else you want us to ask or say to us let me know. Thanks! I will include songs of yours with purchasing links, etc.

KitSch 2.0: First of all, we are very thankful for your support. We hope your bloggers enjoy our music. On monday, March 4th, we have our big release coming out on Mutants records, John Dahlback’s label. We really hope this Housecoholic EP will make you dance for a long time. We also have many remixes on their way, for guys like Yves Larock, Mark Bale, Bob Sinclar and Stefan Dabruck, between others...

Also, we’ll drop a special gift on our fan page when we reach 10000 so we’d be very happy if you joined it HERE.


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