January 27, 2014 -

David Vaux

The Grammy's awarded some of the biggest names in the music industry this Sunday. Taking home awards in the Electronic Category were German-Teen-Sensation Zedd, and also our favorite extraterrestrials, Daft Punk. But the real treat happened when Daft Punk showed up and performed LIVE with Pharrell Williams, Stevie Wonder, and Nile Rodgers -- or so we thought.

During the performance, users on Twitter were quick to post their uncertainty to the legitimacy that Daft Punk were actually there. One user wrote, "Woa woa woa, either that's not Daft Punk, or they are pressing the wrong buttons. They definitely don't play like that". Another wrote "The tall one looks, oddly taller. And his dance moves look familiar...."

At one point, users were posting that they believed the infamous duo was 'faking' their set. A user wrote "I definitely heard that sample play without them even touching a button, are they faking this!?"  Another, "OMG DAFTPUNK IS PULLING A MILLI VANILLI RIGHT NOW HOLY F*CK!!!!"

But things got a bit more strange -- Daft Punk posted this on their Facebook Page roughly 1 hour prior to the Grammys; but was quickly deleted. Daily-Beat was fortunate to have a team of writers that were quick to get a screen grab of the post.

daft cant make it

After the set, reporters were quick to interview Pharrell Williams and Stevie Wonder due to the uproar on Twitter. We caught Pharrell eating an Arby's sandwich but he had this to say:

Please. That was Daft Punk. I can't believe people would doubt the greatest band on the face of the earth, and beyond. I cant tell you for a fact, they did not fake that, that was Daft Punk.

Stevie Wonder didnt have much to say:

I couldn't see who it was. I hope it was them. I have to believe my main man Pharrell.

Daily-Beat was able to do some extensive research on this and we believe we have uncovered who was under the infamous masks of Daft Punk. We were given an insider tip that potentially it was Philadelphia bred Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff. We immediately discredited the rumor due to the insane nature, but recently uncovered this graphic that makes us think otherwise.


So the question is: Who was getting Jiggy in those Daft Punk costumes?


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