Dada Life Wants Skrillex and Chuckie to be Their Parents

February 25, 2015 -

Ashlyn Fulton

It was only back in 2010 that I had first heard of these guys, but in 2012 they had put on a show at Camp Bisco that had forever altered my state of existence. It was unlike any set I had ever heard or SEEN. They dressed up the stage with giant inflatable letters spelling out "DADA LIFE" and had bananas bouncing around the tent for a full 2 hours. There was even a hidden bubble machine that my friend and I had the best time messing around with. The energy they created was unmeasurable and it served for the best set of the weekend (Yes, even above Skrillex). Now, almost 3 years later, they have harnessed that energy and turned it into some of the best parties in the world. New Years Eve 2013 marked Olle and Stefan's first-ever Dada Land Compound show at an abandoned warehouse in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. So, it's only natural that they brought it right back to the borough that began it all. This time around their production had exponentially increased along with the size of their inflatable bananas. The had already broken the record for the world's largest pillow fight, yet decided to toss them out and start the frenzy all over again. If by now you dont know, Dada Life parties are some of the most insane in the business for simple reason that they do WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT. Before all the madness, we were able to chat with them about bringing it back to Brooklyn and their new mix album, Welcome to Dada Land. They were even cool enough to rock our new apparel line with Bad Kids Collective available for purchase later this week!



DB: How does it feel to be kicking of Dada Land Compound Tour here in Brooklyn? I actually saw you guys 2 years ago on NYE at a different Brooklyn Warehouse.

Olle: It feels amazing because that (^) show was the first compound show we ever did and this show is the first one on the Compound Tour so it makes perfect sense.

DB: I was almost hoping this show would be at that first warehouse I saw you at.

Stefan: We love this place. You should have seen it, when they found it and showed it to us: goosebumps. Like, ‘Fuck ya, THIS is a proper warehouse.’ There is NOTHING here.

DB: Yeah, there are so many Brooklyn warehouse parties happening now but this one has never been used before. So, it’s very unique to you guys. What do you think a warehouse brings that a club venue doesn’t?

Olle: I think it’s just having people come to a venue that they have never been to before. You don’t think as much. I mean, Dada Life is all about going crazy when you’re in Dada Land.

Stefan: It’s like a blank slate. You go in and have no idea what is going to happen and we can provide the whole Dada Land experience. We can just fill up your head with weird stuff.

DB: Which city on this tour do you think will have the craziest citizens of Dada Land?

Olle: It’s hard to say because you always have an idea about a place and then it’s never right. Different crowds on different nights.

DB: Besides the remix album coming out Feb 17th, is there another original album in the works?

Olle: We have music coming out all the time. We actually have our newest song, we’re going to try it tonight, see how it sounds, and tweak it. But this is actually the first time ever that we’re playing it.

DB: Oh I feel so special!

Stefan: Ya, but it’s like ‘Tonight We’re Kids Again,’ it’s exclusively on the mix compilation album only.

DB: So, that’s one of the originals that's only on that album.

Stefan: Yeah, that’s the only place you can get it.

Olle: Unless you ask Stefan really nicely. (laughs)

DB: PLLEEASSSEEE! 😉  I always ask this question in interviews but when I actually thought about what my answer would be, it was you guys! So, if you could pick 2 DJ’s to be your parents, who would they be and why?

Olle: I would pick Skrillex and uh….

DB: It’s a thinker.

Olle: Yeah, that’s true.

Stefan: I would pick Chuckie because he’s like a comedian. He’s a comedian acting like a DJ. So, it would be 100% a laugh.

Olle: And Skrillex. So, Chuckie and Skrillex.

DB: Tomorrow is Valentines Day. Do you guys have Valentines yet?

Olle: It’s also Friday the 13th today. You just pick your holiday. Eee ee eee (makes stabbing motions) (laughs)

DB: So, what’s next for you guys then?

Olle: Just this tour. This is the first night.

Stefan: We’re excited. It’s going to be so much fun!

DB: And I haven’t seen you guys in like a year so I’m super pumped.

Olle: We have a lot of stuff planned for this tour, as always with us. But we plan stuff and it never goes right, but that’s part of the fun!


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