Cristoph - Shelter EP

February 5, 2014 -

Hugh Lurcott

Its rare that you listen to an EP and become genuinely excited by every track, yet this EP pulls that off with some groove to spare. Relative new comer on the scene, hailing from Bristol, is Cristoph. Having released on Defected's Sub-label DTFD as well as Extended Play and Relux Underground, it only seems he is going to break into the scene in a matter of time. Pete Tong recently named him his Future Star if that's anything to go by!

The EP comprises 4 tracks of varied style yet similar groove; opening with 'Shelter', a higher energy stomper with deep bass and thumping kicks, followed by 'Purvy', a piano house offering that hails back to more classic house sounds with brilliant success. The next track 'Move On' takes things a bit techier, taking the feel good house feeling away and replacing it with an equally welcome groove that radiates late night dance floor affairs. Finally things are rounded off with the dubby, pumping, thumping 'Tell Me' that gives off a bouncy vibe with claps bouncing around the mix above pianos.

The strength of each track alone is ridiculous, and together they form one hell of an EP. Make sure to grab this one here


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