Behind the scenes at Lost Lands Festival - Getting weird with Cookie Monsta

October 14, 2017 -

Barrett Hoffer

Lost Lands Festival was one helluva weekend. During our time there, we were able to sit down and chat with a few artists -  Cookie Monsta being one. Im sure the majority of you are familiar with his work. Spanning from his first release in 2010 “Ginger Pubes” to the infamous “Yow Momma” to his most recent release “Monster.” If you crave the downright nasty and grimy side of dubstep, Cookie is your guy. Check out the unabridged interview below.

cookie monsta

DB: Today I wanted to keep things very loosey goosey and non traditional. So first things first, how are you?

CM: Great! I’ve had 4 hours of sleep today, so fantastic.

DB: I was gonna ask you about that. You played Schimanski last night. Right?

CM: Yess

DB: Tell me your thoughts about Schimanski

CM: It was great. The surprising thing was the sound system. The sound system was brought in from Pacha and it was for a techno / dance event, but it bangs so fuckin hard, it's so nice. We walked up to the street and you hear it just rumblin’ and it’s like ‘OKAY it’s gonna be good.’ And it definitely was.

DB: Schimanski is our go-to after Webster Hall got shut down. Did you ever play Web?

CM: At the main one I think I did yeah, but I went to loads of after parties there. It's a very historic place. It was a very sad day.

DB: But what about Fabric over in London? I was happy to see that it's still goin’

CM: Yeah there was a huge petition out after it got closed. And in the UK if you sign a petition and get 100,000k people or over, the government must talk about it, basically.

DB: And they got over 100,000?

CM: There was like 200,000 or 300,000. It was quite a lot, I cant remember exactly.

DB: Wow, impressive. Is that why it opened back up again?

CM: Basically, yeah. It was just such a shame, it was like why? Why is this happening? What’re you doin? It was just so frustrating.

DB: It was just like 1 incident

CM: Exactly

cookie monsta

DB:Alright, one of the things I wanted to do today that’s a little different was like a this or that. A speed round. I’m gonna list off two things, and you pick one

First up, coke or pepsi?

CM: Coke, obviously because it's the brand, and you can’t get away from it.

DB: Haha right right. Blondes or brunettes?

CM: Blondes

DB: UK or USA? Just in general.

CM: Uhh, UK. I still live there.

DB: Garage or DNB?

CM: Aaaahhhh fuck. As soon as I say it I’m gonna regret it because I wanna say the other one.

DB: Right

CM: FUCK YOU DUDE!! Aahh, I wanna say... Drum n Bass.

DB: Drum n Bass? Alright alright

CM: I hate you for even saying that

DB: Haha now, flat earth, or sphere earth?

CM: Flat hahahaha

DB: Star wars? Or star trek?

CM: Star wars. Obviously. Darth Vader.

DB: Now, on your pizza, pineapple? Or not?


DB: Hahahaha oh no!

CM: I’ll murder you if you do. I hate that shit

DB: Hahaha aahh that's great


DB: No fruit on pizza?

CM: No.

DB: There’s a section Ashlyn thought of that I wanna go through with you.
DB: Yeah this is good. Alright so I’m gonna name some artists, and you have to tell me who their toon character is.

CM: I'm on the spot. tryin’ to use my brain, it’s just terrible

DB: Excision.

CM: Uummmm...

DB: Yeah, haha some sort of dinosaur?

CM: Yeah like a diplodocus

DB: Diplodocus is like the big dinosaur. Oh hell yeah

CM: I’m tryin’ to think of cartoons n shit and I’m on the spot

DB: What about flux?

CM: Ahh!! Wait! No, wait! There’s this one picture, right? And it’s not a cartoon but it’s amazing. Its like this russian fuckin 60yr old man just in like gold cloak satin. Its beautiful. So every time I think of the boy, I see that picture.

DB: Alright, fair enough haha. What about Doctor P?

CM: Sloth Man. just, he’s the most hyped, but I’ve never seen a man not move as much as him. Most unenergetic man in the world.

DB:Hahahahah ahh oh my gosh hahaha. Alright, Funtcase.

CM: Aahh he’s just like the little annoying school kid that just talks to you all the fuckin time!

DB: Hahahaha

CM: I wanna punch him in his head while he’s sippin on coke

DB: Deadmau5. This should be easy

CM: Hahah mickey mouse hahaha

DB: Virtual Riot

CM: Aaaah, I wanna say like terminator. Even tho he’s austrian. I’m not even talking about cartoons anymore hah

DB: No no, that was it for that. But umm, what’re you up to now? What’s goin on? Any sneak peeks you can give us for our readers?

CM: Yeah I’m gonna play a few tunes that aren’t released.

DB: Sounds good, Tony. What do you think of this festival so far?

CM: Great!

DB: It's really well run for its first festival

CM: I was on the tour bus for Jan, Feb and March, and seein’ the process of just the idea, the thought of it - it's crazy man. Because it's like, a few months ago, they were just sittin’ around on their laptops, tryin’ to find a place to do this and then next minute its 3 days, a thousand djs.

DB: That quick?

CM: Yeah!

DB: Wow!

CM: Like, I can’t even get out of bed in that amount of time!!

DB: Yeah yeah

CM: It's mad, it's crazy

DB: Well tony, thank you for your time

CM: Thank yoooouuu

Interview and article by Barrett Hoffer

Photos by Ashlyn Fulton Photography


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