ConnectNow: How A Digital Business Card Can Revolutionize The Way We Discover Talent

July 30, 2013 -

Christopher Lavinio

A good friend of mine and Bergen County native Ben Honig, the CTO of ConnectNow, recently pushed back a project he and I were working on together for something he told me could be "revolutionary in the way we connect with people." His statement was pretty bold. I mean, how many people tell you their invention or their idea is the next big thing. For starters, Samsung's Galaxy SIII and now IV could potentially be the 'next big thing,' but will it ever surpass the greatness captured by Apple's iPhone? Probably not. But I'm here to tell you about a different 'next big thing,' something that could change the way people discover talent the dance music scene.


ConnectNow, the app created by four college soon-to-be/graduates Justin Oh, Joseph Sorrentino, Ben Honig and Serge Efap, revolutionized the way users connect with one another through an exchange of contact cards. With the use of your primary social media profiles, (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) ConnectNow instantly allows you to gather ones information instantly. Sure people change their username on social media outlets due to availability, and ConnectNow instantly replaces that confusion. Was it or Tiesto? Well, with the ability and value of one's information in a growing social media society, the four gentleman decided it was necessary to bring an easier way to connect with one another.


Now while we specialize in the culture and sounds of the growing music industry, I thought it was fitting that aspiring DJ himself, Ben Honig, would despite his intent, allow ConnectNow to open the gates to A&R executives around the world in order to find the next talent. Sure in a way ConnectNow acts as a mini EPK for artists. Let's take our example of Tiesto. If someone needed Tiesto's information in order to contact him, find him on social media to share a latest post done by an esteemed Daily Beater, (see how I threw a shout out to us in the article) or even to access his Facebook to see his latest mix, ConnectNow supplies that. So, to make this brief, ConnectNow could and more than likely will revolutionize the way connections are shared through dance music. Even at a club, a venue owner can take down your information in a simple app, locate you with the "Locater" (can turn it on or off to avoid those stalkers out there) and even contact you to see if you can play a last minute set.


So, for all of you aspiring DJs out there, professional in the workforce, or for someone who wants to look cool in front of their friends, download ConnectNow at the iOS AppStore today!


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