Coachella 2013: A Pictorial Survival Guide

April 20, 2013 -

Brett Blackman

It's been a week since I was in California for that little three day music and arts festival known as Coachella. As I have gotten to this writeup late, but hopefully some of the tips I will tell you come just in time for day 2. I've put together some photos chronicling my weekend, as well as some tips for artists to see if it not too late. Bring a bandana to cover your face from the dust blowing during those windy nights, and a sweatshirt. Also, if you're going to Coachella today or this weekend, here are three using a smart phone:

1. Closing out all your apps is a must. If you have an iPhone double tap the button on the bottom, and then hold down the apps you want to close - it saves a ton of energy.
2. Sticking to text messaging. Try to avoid calling unless you have to.
3. Turn your cellular data off. I promise you that you can find time to Facebook, Tweet or Instagram during the day, but it does not need to be on all the time.

Day 1

Day 1 Urban Outfitters|Day 2 Kid Robot |Day 3 Bad Kids Clothing

Before walking through the gates of Coachella ~ Cloudporn

Pick up a pocket guide when you walk in - they sold out quickly

I suggest you see the lord of cats and tacos, Sir Dillon Francis. He played a really sweet set, but then again I am biased and love everything about his sound and style. Rather than to spoil his set, see it for yourself.

Drop by Do Lab because they have people and machines that spray water, and they have good tribal and trap music, as well as some crazy acrobatics.

Festival Fashion reminiscent of our pre Coachella writeup & flower halos as seen by That Madonna Girl.

Coachella in all of its glory from above.

As my friends and I were watching Metric, my friend tapped me on my shoulder and told me to look ahead. As I saw this older gentleman's shirt from behind, I couldn't help but get up and go over to the man and his friend and ask for a picture. "Never Too Old To Love Music Coachella 2013"

After Metrics set, I went over to the Yuma tent with my friend, Elsa to see Mr. BBC Radio 1 himself, Pete Tong. If you like House music, especially of the tech or deep variety, go.

One of my biggest regrets on the weekend was not checking the set times of the artists I wanted to see. While I do love Nicky Romero's sets, I wish I saw Passion Pit instead, but forgot they were playing at the same time. Mr. V for Vendetta himself did play a killer set, and dropped his newest collaboration with Krewella. That made me VERY happy.

See Dog Blood. You have to. Dog Blood aka Skrillex and Boys Noize dropped one of my favorite sets at Coachella. Not only are the visuals on another level, but they dice up their set with IDs and remixes that you won't hear outside of a festival. Trust me, and go.

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 8.27.53 PM
And then I was introduced to TNGHT live.

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 8.31.20 PM
In a few hour period I ran around to the beer garden, Seth Troxler, Luciano, Earl Sweatshirt and Bassnectar. Right, the beer garden. So, you can only get alcohol in there, and cannot take it out of the area. While I was annoyed at first, honestly it's a really smart idea to try and avoid underage drinking to occur on their end. Sorry kids! I stayed at Luciano for the longest time, and my perspective on deep/tech/minimal house has been changed like woah. I'll be honest, I don't think I can listen to this type of music outside of a festival or club though. See him, it's a must.

Day 2

Coachella house group pic in front of the Recyclasauras Rex. I want it. Our group got to the site extremely late this day, and the first group we saw were Bingo Players. We just wanted to hear the "Birthday Song" from 2 Chainz. Fail.

Hamsa earrings x Hamsa in Henna

Major Lazer was easily the wildest time all weekend. If you looked around the Gobi tent, there were thousands of people just hoping to get in. If you go tomorrow, go early.

As I was running over to Benny Benassi, I was stopped in my tracks by the Sunset W/ PK-107 Mantis. Maybe John Legend will make another appearance during his set for their collaboration, "dance the pain away." So you should most likely go.

My weekend was changed when I met these people and was introduced to the animal onesie.

I highly recomend finishing your night with Moby & Phoenix, and going to the silent disco tent at least once.

The animal onesie was evidently a common theme of day 2.

Day 3


My first time hearing Grimes.

If you're looking for something different than EDM, see James Blake.

Maya Jane Cole x Richie Hawtin

The Wu-Tang Clan

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 9.25.35 PM
Eric Prydz closing out Coachella. If you look closely you will notice that Pryda's album covers make up the visuals.

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