Cirez D - In The Reds EP

May 25, 2016 -

Josh Garrett

Last year Eric Prydz had the year that every producer dreams of, celebrating 10 years under his alias Pryda. This year his first release was his debut album under his own name but his second is under his techno alias Cirez D. Every hardcore Prydz fan did whatever they could to attend his Epic 4.0 series of shows which stopped in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York and displayed an insane new display of holograms and also featured some brand new tracks from his new album Opus. Anyone who was at one of these incredible shows could talk for ages about the new techno ID’s he played which featured some new mind blowing visuals but finally the man himself released these two tracks as the first Cirez D tracks of this year.


If you’re a fan of Prydz and have looked into his music under his own name or his Pryda alias this might be a change of pace but for all you Cirez D fans out there welcome home. Volume D off of his 10 year celebration was enough to hold us over till he decided to release more music, but these two songs are what we have really been waiting for after his very exclusive shows at extremely small venues following his 4.0 dates.

Epic 4.0

The first of the new songs is entitled In The Reds and features signature Cirez D sounds with the booming kick drum, reverbed out snare drum, and infinitely rising synthesizer which finally resolves in a synth stab before releasing the intense drums. As a huge fan of the genre overall I’d say that techno is really based off of the drum patterns and the insane samples that accompany it and Prydz definitely understands this element. The huge builds are something that you would expect from a Pryda track or something under his own name but when he decides to finally reach the drop he takes most of those elements out and focuses on the drums and making an intense and grooving beat. During the second build of the track he puts a lot of effort towards making a plucky synth that constantly builds and is joined by a bass line. Once the track drops again the bass line becomes more distorted making something to really bob your head to as the plucks continuously move up and down the frequency spectrum.

The second track on this EP is entitled Century Of The Mouse. It is also the only track that I took a video of at his second show at the Hollywood Palladium and the track I have been looking for ever since that show. The track begins sort of similar to the previous track in that it starts out with a banging kick, snare, and hi hat but what else do you expect from a techno track. A synth arpeggio builds behind it as the kick is cut out and slowly faded back in accompanied by some white noise which eventually dies out while a bass line playing the same notes as the arpeggio adds in. The track finally climaxes as all the percussion is added in while these synths keep driving the beat along. Prydz is the best producer when it comes to adding different elements into the mix to create a building effect in my opinion especially reverb. Before each break of this track some reverb is added to create tension before he finally decides to release it and get you grooving to the track. In the second drop of the track he adds a distorted and sort of growing synth to the off beat to add even more dimensions to the track which he perfectly places to make it not sound too overwhelming.

Overall if you are a fan of any of Eric’s work to date I definitely recommend you check out these tracks. If you are a techno fan I definitely recommend you check out these tracks. If you are a fan of music in general I recommend you check out these tracks. Eric Prydz is my favorite producer when it comes to electronic music whether it comes to any of the four aliases he is currently producing under and you should definitely listen to this!



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