Chatting With Reggaedm Pioneer Henry Fong

August 25, 2015 -

Jacob Piotrowski

Last week I had the opportunity of sitting down with Florida native, Henry Fong and discussing his latest endeavors, specifically his latest track Wine Dem. It's been a huge year for Henry Fong, with him constantly touring around the world and collaborating with multiple artists constantly. On top of that, Henry has worked on pioneering a new sound he calls 'Reggaedm'. Check out what he has been up to in our interview below!


You recently released a fire track named Wine Dem with Banzai Records which definitely has a different twist in comparison to your other releases. Can you tell us how you got inspired to mix reggae with electro house? Can we expect to hear more ‘Reggaedm’ in the future? 

Reggae has always been a big part of the music I listen to and has influenced me as a producer. I've messed around with it in some of my other songs, like Hot Steppa, but for this track I really wanted to incorporate authentic sounds while still having the energy of a modern EDM track… Definitely plan on making more stuff like this in the future and expanding my sound!

Anyone can look at your SoundCloud and see that you have quite a large number of releases, many of them collaborations with other artists. What motivates you to collaborate with so many other artists? What do you enjoy most about collaborating as opposed to producing solo? 

Collaborations are always fun… to me the most important thing about doing them is learning from the other artists. A lot of my production knowledge came from working with other talented producers and it definitely helped jump start my career.

Which artist have you enjoyed working with the most so far? Also, how do you go about deciding who you want to collaborate with on a track?

It was awesome to make Love Like This with my buddy Tommy Trash!! He’s so good at working with melodies and the piano, plus it's always fun to hang with him.

Tell us what the future is looking like for Henry Fong. What direction do you plan on taking your music from here forward?

I want to keep evolving as an artist— for now I’m focusing primarily on club music and DJ records as I work on developing the Henry Fong sound within that realm. I’m also working with a lot of vocalists now and am experimenting more with dancehall/reggae vibes as I mentioned earlier.

What upcoming shows are you most excited about playing? Any specific venues or cities? Also, what is your favorite type of venue to play and why?

I’m super stoked about Life in Color in Orlando, FL. It’s going to be a big one because it’s my hometown and the love & support is always amazing!

Check out Henry Fong at one of his upcoming tour dates here!


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