Chatting With Doctor P After Watching Him Destroy The Yost [Interview]

July 19, 2015 -

Jacob Piotrowski

Shaun Brockhurst, better known as Doctor P,  has played a key role in developing the dubstep movement since its underground days, bringing to the table a massive list of tracks filled with quirky samples and plenty of low-end for all the bass heads to get down to. Some of his tracks, like Sweet Shop or his many collaborations with Flux Pavilion, have remained as classics among the bass community and as a result leave Doctor P to be held to the highest regard. Now, every time we see a new Doctor P track out, we expect nothing less than pure quality and insanity and we have the same expectations for his live shows. After watching the Circus Records co-founder make everybody go bananas at last weeks Havoc Thursdays, we had the opportunity to have a few words with the Doctor himself about his music, Circus Records, and how he sees the future of music platforms.

doctor p the yost


You recently played the Global Dance Festival out in Denver. How did that go? Was there anything in particular that stood out about this festival in comparison to other festivals that you have played in the past? 

Red Rocks is a ridiculous place to play a show. It's a legendary venue, so it's incredible to be able to perform there. The fact that it's in Denver makes it even better, as Denver crowds are always totally crazy and really into the music.

We have not seen a Doctor P release in a few months. Are there any upcoming originals or remixes that we can expect to hear in the future?

I have a few tracks ready to go, so I'm planning to have a few releases over the course of the second half of this year.

Circus Records has become a staple among the bass world. What direction is the label taking in terms of releases and future events?

We always just to release a constant level of good quality, accessible music. We've recently signed a couple of new acts that we're really excited about, so we should have some really good releases coming up in the next few months.

Circus Records hosted their own show back in April at The Ministry of Sound. How did that go and are there any plans to host Circus Records events at other venues outside of the U.S.?

We're very fortunate that our London shows are always a massive success. It's great to know that there's a fan base for the label in our home city. There's always one or two Circus shows in the works for the future, but I don't know any specific details just yet.

What are some up and coming artists/genres that have really caught your ear lately?

Two artists I'm really interested in at the moment are Diskord and KAOS. It just happens that they're both signed to Circus! I think there are great things in the future for both of those artists.

You’ve mentioned in previous interviews that online social media platforms play a huge role in the way you work and promote your music. What is your opinion on the recent lawsuits filed against Soundcloud and how do you think that will impact your future releases? If Soundcloud were to get shut down, which of the existing platforms do you think would most likely step in to fill the gap?

The Internet is a constantly changing place, and each website seems to have a few years of success until something else comes along to replace it. I started promoting my music on MySpace, then YouTube, then Facebook, then Twitter, then Soundcloud, then Spotify, and now Apple Music is becoming the new thing, so I can only assume another website will come along at some point and everyone will move onto that.

Which of your future shows have you been most excited about playing?

Global Dance at Red Rocks has been the show I've been looking forward to for the longest time. Now it's over I need to find something else to look forward to!

doctor p havoc

Photographer: Tory Layne




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