Cedric Gervais Talks Miami Music Week, Winning a Grammy and His New Label

April 5, 2015 -

Daily Beat Staff

Over the past few years, Cedric Gervais has been on an all-out takeover. Between Grammy award winning remixes and incredible collaborations, he remains at the top of the watch list. On Saturday March 28th, Miami Music Week was in full swing. The sun was gleaming on the beautiful Raleigh Hotel and the My House Cedric Gervais & Friends Pool Party was just getting underway. We caught up with Cedric Gervais to talk Miami Music Week, winning a Grammy and his new label.





DB : So you spent some time in St. Tropez, I know you started when you were around 14 ?

Cedric : Yea

DB : You've been a massive influence on Miami culture, at that point in your career,  why did you choose to come to Miami?

Cedric : It was just luck man. It was a friend of mine who was living in Miami at the time. He told me to come over here. I was playing at the Queen in Paris, One of the most famous house clubs in Paris and it got shut down. All of the clubs in Paris got shut down. So my friends like, "Come to Miami, come chill, and when it reopens you go back."  And it never reopened… So I’m just, I mean it never reopened for like over a year and I fell in love with the city and I was just like lucky to be there at the right time and that’s it.

DB : So what are you feeling about this Miami Music Week. Anything coming up you're really excited about?

Cedric : I have a song called "Love Again" on the radio that’s doing very well that’s featuring Ali Tamposi. I’m about to start my record label.

DB : I know you had Sleaze before?

Cedric : Well I sold that after, and now were doing a new one, and I have a song with Tove Lo that’s ready to go that’s going to come out.

DB : Can we get the name of the label or not yet?

Cedric : Its gonna be called… I think it’s going to be called Filter, I don't know yet!

DB : Filter? I dig it.

Cedric : Yea! I want to bring back the house, filter house, disco shit. You know?

DB : Is that where you’re headed these days?

Cedric : Nah I mean, maybe, maybe! I just want to bring the house back.

DB : So you fairly recently won a Grammy?

Cedric : Yeah, it's great man, ya know, when you win a Grammy it's always like a lot of people want to work with you that normally don’t want to work with you. But to me its like in the past, I don’t care about this anymore now its just...

DB : - on to the next thing.

Cedric : let's go! Ya know?

DB : That’s awesome. I mean that’s how it should be I think.. for longevity.

Cedric : Exactly! You get too comfortable and then you don’t do anything anymore. Ya know?

DB : So big radio is still an aim for you?

Cedric : Yea! And I'm doing club records. I've always been doing club records. If you know me, from day one I've always done club records. It can be like underground stuff to... you’ve always got to feed the dance floor, that’s where it comes from, you know what I mean.

DB :  That’s the motto.

Cedric : That’s it!

DB : Well Thanks so much for hanging out man!

Cedric : Thank you!


Cedric brought an incredibly intelligent, driven, experienced yet fresh vibe that was an extreme pleasure to be around. We will definitely be keeping a close eye on his future moves. Check out the video for "Love Again" Here and buy the track on Itunes.

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