Caught Up in All the Pretty Lights: International Gloving Competition 2015

October 9, 2015 -

Will Cuccurullo

Everyone remembers the first time they encountered glovers at a rave.  Among all of the flow arts that have become synonymous with electronic music, gloving is easily the most popular. It's not difficult to understand why; gloving is an art that connects complete strangers. And like any art that grows in popularity, so does the organized community around it.

One of the most prominent gloving organizations, Facemelt Crew, travels country-wide to festivals with the sole objective of spreading gloving as an art. For the crew, the notion of spreading gloving to every major festival is just as important as the festivals themselves. In a time when many flow arts are being connected to drug use and thus banned by venues, the crew seeks to legitimize their sport. They have not slacked in this effort. This summer alone, Facemelt Crew was present at Mysteryland, EDC Vegas, Nocturnal Wonderland, and Electric Forest, just to name a few. Their efforts at these festivals have not gone unnoticed. Dancing Astronaut contributor Lindsey Bein covered FMC's summer activity, and even got an opportunity to meet its members at TomorrowWorld. With their efforts going noticed in the scene, its clear that gloving is transforming into something bigger than LED lights and music-synced tunnels.


Facemelt Crew's efforts are supported by the sponsership of EmazingLights. For those unfamiliar, EmazingLights is a large scale company with humble beginngings: CEO Brian Lim began by selling glove sets and throwing small competitive events in his hometown. As of today, EmazingLights has diversified their business efforts. The company sponsors competitive flow art events featuring cash prizes and big name DJ's. Of these events, the International Gloving Competition in Santa Ana is clearly the largest. With the best gloving crews nationwide and regional winners assembling for one final competition, IGC can easily be called gloving's EDC Vegas.

This year’s IGC will be held at the Historic Yost Theater. Spectator Tickets are available at for $10 with VIP packages available. Besides featuring the best glover's stateside, IGC will have multiple other flow arts showcased by renowned performers. Additionally, Bear Grillz will be headlining. If your anywhere in the Santa Ana area, IGC will be the place to be; and if all that wasn't convincing enough, the following video should suffice.


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