Review: Flume at TLA

By Hill Coulson on October 2, 2013
File this one under “better late than never”. Earlier this summer, we gave our spotlight to 21-year-old Australian producer Harley Streten and his rising electronic music project, Flume. After gaining notoriety and topping the charts in his homeland, Flume took his Infinity Prism tour to the United States, appearing at the TLA in Philadelphia on September 12th, and Daily Beat was there to cover the show. Here’s our take, albeit a few week late. DailyBeat1 copy

District N9NE Presents: Cosmic Gate 10.3.13

By Ryan Farber on September 30, 2013
I don't believe I've personally been more excited for a show to come to Philadelphia. It seems that each month I keep saying this to myself, but thanks to the rising popularity of our city's venues in the eyes of touring producers/DJs, we have certainly been able to rake in some serious talent. With a fall lineup having so far seen the likes of Nicky RomeroHeadhunterzSunnery James & Ryan Marciano, DJ Shadow and more, Philadelphia is bringing Cosmic Gate back. Hailing from Germany, this powerhouse duo has been known by the world as one of the forefronts for Trance, packing out festival sets and concert halls across all continents. Having had one of the highest climbs on DJ Mag's Top 100, the legends Nic Chagall and Bossi seem to have no end in sight, knocking out five artist albums as well as having countless originals and remixes consistently charting ("Be Your Sound" scored an IDMA nomination in 2012).


Gerald Thomas & LuVitt feat. Alex Armes - The End (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

By Ryan Farber on September 30, 2013
I need to hear more of this. Everyone needs to hear more of this. In a day where big room house is continuous and (in my opinion) somewhat redundant, it is incredibly refreshing to hear a track that has all of the elements that can fill a venue, yet still keep you engaged. "The End" has these elements, with a beautifully filtered synth stab progression that opens up into the vocals of Alex Armes. Simplicity in this track is the key denominator. Simplicity. There is no crazy riser, there are no heavily laden snare rolls with a pre-drop 4 count of someone shouting directions at the crowd. This is simply a song that makes you want to rage with its minimal qualities, and in my opinion, that is what sets it apart. Can't wait until Gerald Thomas & LuVitt return with more originals! As always, don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself! You won't be disappointed. Free Download: Gerald Thomas & LuVitt feat. Alex Armes - The End (Original Mix)

Upcoming Event: Jack Beats @ District N9NE 09.26.13

By Ryan Farber on September 25, 2013
Our friends at East Side Electro, in partnership with NV Concepts and MASS EDMC, have thus far brought 3 acts to Philly under the newly branded venue District N9NEHeadhunterzDJ Shadow. Savant. It's safe to say that with a fall lineup as packed as it has been for our beloved city, it's great to see another place bringing even more acts in. Up next on the docket: Jack Beats. The easiest way to describe these guys' style is this: it's a straight party. Sure, most electronic productions are created with partying in mind, but this stuff is next level rage music. So grab some friends, grab some tickets, and get up to Northern Liberties to check out the awesomely renovated venue and a duo that will most assuredly keep you hype. Support from gLAdiatorAntyx, & DJ PDA.

Review: CHVRCHES at Union Transfer

By Hill Coulson on September 23, 2013
Glaswegian electro-pop trio CHVRCHES makes music that has something for everybody. Whether you’re musically inclined toward dance-y synthpop beats, magnetic female vocals, or catchy and sincere lyrics, their sound is highly accessible and easy to latch onto. In a time when electronic music dominates the airwaves, CHVRCHES is a new brand of superstar that merges the sounds and styles of proto-EDM pioneers like The Knife with the pop sentiments of artists like Passion Pit. The result is a radio friendly act, embraced by the indie crowd and mainstream alike, that invests just as much energy into songwriting as it does making you dance.
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