Catching Up With The Chainsmokers at HARD Summer

August 6, 2014 -

Fadi AbuZaineh

The last time Daily Beat met up with the sensational duo The Chainsmokers was at their show at Webster Hall, when they were rising up the top with their smash hit #SELFIE. 5 months and a whole lot of shows around the world later, we had the opportunity to talk to them at HARD Summer in Los Angeles this past weekend after their set. Although I only had about 5 minutes with them, we still talked about quite a bit.


Fadi: Last time we met you guys at Webster Hall, where you spoke with Ashlyn. How have you guys been since then?

Drew: That was the beginning of everything, you know? So we've seen the whole world now. We played in you know, probably like 40 different countries and umm...yeah. It's crazy, we have a whole new outlook on life!

Fadi: One thing that a lot of people probably don't realize about you guys is that you guys make incredible remixes, and the fact that you pump them out while on tour is really cool too.

Alex: Well that's really important. We're musicians in the music business, if you're not putting out music then what the f*** are you doing? There's a funny story about Calvin [Harris] and Tiesto's managers talking, and Tiesto's the man by the way so this is not saying anything, but they were joking like, his manager was saying that Tiesto has another show tomorrow, you know he's always touring; and Calvin Harris's manager was like yeah Calvin doesn't tour as much because he's actually making music. But they're obviously both at the top of their game so they can f*** around with each other."

Fadi: So would you say that Calvin Harris or Tiesto or anybody like that is an inspiration to you guys?

Drew: Calvin Harris; I mean we've never met him, but we always say he's an inspiration so it's gonna be really awkward when we meet him, but we really respect guys who are doing their own thing, and just make undeniably great songs that people love and relate to, and that's what we want to do.

Fadi: How's it feel to play at your first HARD event?

Alex: It's an honor! We were, like, late to the stage and then we get there we were like ooookaaayyy we should have got here earlier to get hype! It's sick, like this is one of the cooler festivals in the world, Gary Richards is the f***ing man, it's just an honor to just be considered worthy of this festival.

Fadi: What's the future looking like for you guys, got any things any things in the works?

Alex: Ton of stuff.

Drew: Our next song is coming out on Tuesday, it's called Kanye, and we think it's an amazing song and the feedback has been really positive so far so we're excited to see where that goes. We have a bunch of other tracks that are completely different than that, so we really want to keep people guessing, throwing curveballs...and just living life, traveling, hanging out with friends and stuff.

Fadi: In an interview I had with Kill Frenzy earlier, he talked about how being patient with your music is really key, and like you said you're always releasing new stuff, so do you try to pump out tracks and just get them out or do you wait on them?

Alex: We have a ton of stuff we haven't put out, but I don't know really, it's kind of a 'to each their own' thing. We finished Kanye a while ago, we wanted to put it out but it worked out that we were patient, you know? It's a process but you will definitely know when it feels right, and that's the thing.

It was great to talk with Drew and Alex this past weekend, and I wish them the best of luck on their future endeavors. We look forward to meeting up with them again!


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