Wobble with Callie Reiff & Dapp's new release on Fool's Gold Records

May 11, 2016 -

Ashlyn Fulton

I smell a summer anthem. Today, 16-year-old DJ / Producer Callie Reiff and bass enthusiast Dapp have teamed up and released their new collab on Fool's Gold Records, "Wobble."

They met last year at Webster Hall and the rest... well you're just going to have to read on - and listen - to find out.

Download "Wobble" for FREE here and see what they have to say about its making in this exclusive interview:


Describe "Wobble" in 5 words or less.

Callie: We Are The Wobble Crew #WATWC

Dapp: Energetic. Bouncy. Wobbly.

Tell us what the creative process behind the track was. How did you two come to work together? 

Callie: I met Aidan (DAPP) after I played my first big show, opening for Mija at Webster Hall. We instantly clicked and stayed in touch. I really wanted to work on a song with him, so I sent him one of my work in progresses. He ended up digging it and started to work on it right away! Then we finished it together in TPA studios.

Dapp: I first met Callie at Webster Hall when she opened for Mija. We had exchanged info and talked for a while before she sent me the original idea for Wobble. I really liked what she had started so I did my thing to it and then we just kept sending the ideas back and forth over email. Once it was pretty much done we met up for a session at TPA Studios in NYC and finished up the track together within in a few hours.

Many artists are paired up by their labels, thinking it would be a good fit. Did this collaboration ever feel forced?

Callie: Definitely not. Both of us really wanted to work together and ended up finishing this track really quickly. Also, we were friends before which helped and we knew we would work well together right away.

Dapp:  Not at all. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that we just met as friends before we started even talking about a collab. Working on the track came super easy. We were both on the same page with what we wanted and were able to just keep bouncing ideas off of each other through the whole process.

Fool's Gold Records is one of the best and well-known labels in dance and hip hop music. How does it feel to have their support on this track?

Callie: It's really cool since Fool's Gold is a label based in Brooklyn and I'm born and raised in NY. I feel like ever since I got into the electronic world I have known about A-Trak and Fool's Gold. It feels like I'm in a dream!

Dapp: Honestly it's pretty surreal. If you told me this time last year that I would be releasing a track through Fool's Gold I probably wouldn't have believed you.

What kind of opportunities are you both hoping will come from it?

Callie: This song was 100% made for DJs! I really hope a lot of DJs put this as a key song in their sets, more listeners and fans!

Dapp: I'm hoping it will give Callie and I the opportunity to reach a whole new group of listeners who might not have heard of us yet!


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