Callie Reiff & Ronaissance release banger, Tin Machine, on NEST HQ [INTERVIEW]

June 24, 2016 -

Ashlyn Fulton

Sixteen-year-old DJ/Producer Callie Reiff is back at the release game and this time she's teamed up with Ronaissance. Ron is no stranger to NEST HQ, but this will be Callie's first track on the label and may I just say, it's about time!

This release could not have come at a more perfect time - just 2 weeks prior to Tin Machine's release, she was playing B2B with Mija at Output, opening for Skrillex, and Ronaissance was dropping it on the notorious boat stage for a sea of Mysteryland'ers.

Stream "Tin Machine" here


How did you two come together to make Tin Machine?

Callie: We met a while ago. Ron came to one of my Webster Hall shows and we stayed in touch. Around the same time, we both really wanted to collaborate, so we did it all via Splice and finished it pretty fast. We worked really well together, which is key when working with someone else!

Ron: Callie and I discovered each other via social media a few years back (as just about everything goes now). She's made huge strides not only in the industry, but in New York, which IMO is the toughest market to break. That lead to us meeting at Webster at a few of her shows, and we began to discuss a collab. And here we are!

Ronaissance, how was playing at Mysteryland just a couple of weekends ago?

Incredible. It's really special up there, for many reasons. The first is obvious - grounds of Woodstock '69. However, I also grew up not too far away in New Paltz, NY. It's special to be able to go back up there and play there. Having said that, myself and the rest of the Brunch Bounce team did their thing all of Friday, start to finish. Definitely a special day/night. You can check out the full BrunchBounce x Mysteryland USA recap at
What was the crowds reaction like when you dropped it?

Great reaction throughout. We wanted to make sure the track had a ton of different elements throughout, so the energy never stops but the overall feel does. We incorporated some Trap with Merengue and Jersey Club.

And while all that was going on, Callie you were going b2b with Mija at Output, right before Skrillex played! How was that experience?

Oh yes! I ended up being added to the bill and opened the show. I stayed for Mija’s set and Skrillex was running a bit late. I told Mija's tour manager that I have my USBs and I would be down to go b2b with her. Next thing I know, it's me and Mija killing it together as Skrillex walks in. Mija has been a big inspiration so to be able to go b2b with her was unreal. 

And now this track is coming out on NEST HQ. Coincidence?

Ron: Well, most of this went down before Callie's B2B with Mija at Output - that just seemed like icing on the cake for the overall situation/track. "Right place, right time" often rings true, especially in the industry. But I'm super pumped for this to be releasing through them. Skrillex has definitely been and always will be an idol of mine. Funny that I was at his set at Mysteryland and about an hour later he was standing behind Callie at Output. Helicopters man.

Callie: What Ron said! 

Callie, you have been on a roll with new releases this year. Where do you see yourself this time next year?

Releasing more music and hopefully playing festivals! 

What about you, Roniassance?

I'm looking forward to the next year and hopefully I'll be answering our next interview from a plane flying to a show somewhere (who knows where that will be, or also if the Wi-Fi will even be strong enough to answer e-mails. Really depends on the airline. But then you factor in snacks, sometimes you sacrifice better snacks for a lesser Wi-Fi signal. Life is a series of give and takes, especially airlines). I'm excited for what the music has in store - there are some exciting releases coming up soon that I can't wait to share.

What do each of you hope to accomplish with this release?
Callie: I’m really really really excited about it. I take music day by day and just push even harder to be better on each release. 
Ron: I like to look at each release as a stepping stone. I just want to continue building momentum and always follow up strong. 

Callie Reiff will be playing at Woozy Beach this Saturday along with DVBBS, Craze and ZAXX.

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