Who is This Girl Callie Reiff I Keep Hearing About?!

November 18, 2015 -

Ashlyn Fulton

Callie Reiff: if you party in New York City, then you've seen this name pop up on more and more flyers lately. From her first gig on Webster Hall's Grand Ballroom stage, to now being the youngest female DJ to play it, Output AND Verboten in Brooklyn this Thursday, this girl is just getting started.

DJ/producer Callie Reiff is a 16-year-old whirlwind of talent and it only takes one time seeing her behind the decks to realize it. And music isn't her only niche, she's a model and fashion blogger too. Get it Girl!

With Alex English, resident at Webster Hall's Girls & Boys party every Friday night, as her mentor and the whole Girls & Boys crew to back her, she's quite possibly shaping the next generation of dance music.


DB: You seemingly popped out of nowhere, and onto Webster Hall's stage. How did you meet the Girls & Boys crew and what was your journey like onto that stage?

I remember going to Webster Hall to see Madeon on April 24th. I was supposed to play the balcony but when I got there they told me they weren't opening the balcony that night because they wanted everyone on the main floor. Of course I decided to stay anyway because who wouldn't want to see Madeon at a 19+ show (when I was 15 at the time!) Anyway, I met some of the Webster Hall residents but not this one guy named Alex English. I decided to friend him on a Facebook a few days later and I messaged him on fb saying I wanted to DJ at Webster Hall. I know right, I'm crazy!! He told me he would have to go B2B with me to see if he could put me on at Webster Hall. Well... The rest is history!

Alex English - She hit me up on Facebook and I basically told her 'I pretty much test out everyone who wants to play at Webster by going B2B with them at first.' So we met up at TPA studios and I basically loaded some of the hardest to mix tracks on my USB and DJ'd with her for an hour. I threw everything at her to see if she could mix out and she passed with flying colours!

DB: It all seemed to happen so fast, as well. How long have you been DJing and when was your first gig? What was that like?

I started to learn how to DJ at age 12. JP Solis was my teacher at Dubspot. My first mix ever was Vinyl records. I didn't want to tell anyone that I was learning because I wanted to get at a good level first. So I practiced almost everyday and finally convinced my parents to get me 2 technics and 1 pioneer mixer. I had a few events but I would say my first real gig was opening for Mija for the Official Ezoo after party at Webster Hall!

DB: How did you learn how to produce?

I learned when I was around 14 years old. My Dj teacher, JP Solis, introduced me to Ableton and showed me the basics. Everything else I have just learnt along the way, YouTube videos, and by collaborating and surrounding myself with great producers. Production wise, I have an original coming soon with DAPP and recently just released my official remix for Ayo Alex ft. Juicy J "Want It" - Link below

DB: As a young up-and-coming DJ/producer, have you had an backlash, saying you use a ghost producer or anything like that? How do/would you respond to such claims?

Actually no, I haven't run into backlash at all. I am very transparent with both my djing and production process. I made sure, when I started this at 12, that I would learn the right way.  So, everything is happening the way I wanted it to happen. It's very pure and organic.

DB: As a DJ/Producer/model/blogger, how do you manage you time?

All 4 of them go into my everyday lifestyle, so it's easy for me to make the time.

DB: I'm assuming you're still in school. How does that affect all of this?

Sometimes people forget that I'm only 16 and I am still in school! I always have made sure to put school first and everything second.

DB: What are your parents' thoughts on all of this?

Since I was a ballerina with New York City Ballet at age 6, to buying my first drum set (which my mom didn't want me to get, but my dad got it anyway), My parents have always told me to go after my dreams and they will be there supporting me 100%. Then after the drumming, I got into djing. I can't wait till one day I'm headlining a festival and I get to bring them up on stage with me!

DB: What's your most memorable gig to date?

Defiantly getting to open for Skrillex and Jauz at Webster Hall. Skrillex has been a huge inspiration to me forever and I love the way he DJs. It was my first completely sold out show! I'll never forget the energy in that ballroom, it was surreal.

DB: Gun to your head, you have to pick one: modeling, DJing, or blogging?

I hope no one is shooting me for this, but the 3 have all go hand in hand as long as I can remember since I'm still very young. Right now, I really do see them as natural extensions to myself.

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