Brazil's #1 DJ Alok is coming to San Diego [Ticket Giveaway]

January 10, 2017 -

Fadi AbuZaineh

Some may say that Brazil is the next frontier in dance music. With TomorrowWorld having their own festival there, as well as hosting a 10-day music festival that compares to no other experience possibly on the planet, it is pretty easy to confirm that speculation. Whether you've realized it or not, we have actually been exposed to the music of Brazil's #1 DJ, Alok Petrillo - better known as Alok.

Having appeared seemingly out of nowhere just under two years ago, Alok has silenced critics around the world, bringing his inimitable blend of Brazilian bass music to the masses. Exposed to electronic music from childhood, with his parents well-respected psytrance DJ's and the founders of Universo Paralello – an epic 10 day festival set within a remote beach in Brazil – it came as no surprise when Alok followed In their footsteps. Beginning his career at the tender age of 11, he made his first festival debut alongside his brother Bhaskar the following year, aged just 12 years. The pair continued to DJ together in their early teens, however Alok forged his own path through late adolescence, producing and DJ'ing as a solo act for the past ten years.

Now for the first time, Alok will be making a stop in San Diego to bring his signature style to the patrons of Bang Bang, a modest yet important staple in the local dance music scene for the southern most area of California. We are giving away two tickets to experience true flames being dropped on a hopefully unsuspecting crowd of music lovers. Alok's music has been dropped by hundreds of DJ's on all kinds of stages all over the world. Most relevantly, in my opinion, his track 'Who Gives' has pretty much been the first drop in every Malaa set in the past year. If it wasn't for that, or Jauz dropping BYOB and Bolumback during his sets over the last year as well, I would probably have not grown such an appreciation for the Brazilian artist's music as I have. He even made a RIDICULOUS remix with his brother of Rodrigo Amarante's 'Tuyo' which most will recognize as the theme music to the Netflix hit show Narcos. Check it out below:

Now that you are pretty well acquainted to Alok and his music, we encourage you to check this show out. It will be well worth the effort.



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