Borgore talks Counter Strike and Coping with Tour Stress @ Electric Zoo

September 23, 2016 -

Joe Nguyen

With another Electric Zoo successfully completed (The day 3 curse has officially been lifted!) comes another round of interviews with some of our favorite artists at the festival! Check out our interview with Borgore below!


DB: So you’ve been known to be a bit of a gamer. Specifically in Counter Strike: GO (Global Offensive), just how good are you at the game?

Honestly, I’m pretty good. Whenever I put time into it, I usually get on a role. Think the highest I’ve ever ranked was Double AK (which is 5 ranks away from being among some of the best in the world). The problem is I got all of my friends into it and they’re awful.

Games would usually end in me getting 40 kills to 3 deaths and my friends would have the complete opposite stats. I think I lost 20-25 games in a row and I swear to you, you’ll never see such bad players in your life.

What I love about Counter Strike though is that it’s a team game and it’s fun to play with your friends. It’s not like Call of Duty where one person just goes ape shit and can destroy another team. In Counter Strike it’s either you win together or lose together.

When it’s tied 14-14 and it you vs 3 of them, you as the solo player being able to win against those odds brings a whole other feeling of accomplishment that only those who play know about.


DB: So on the more serious side of things. A hot topic that’s been brought up over the course of the summer was the stresses of touring constantly. How do you cope/deal with being away from friends, family, and the place you call home for so long?


The most important thing is having people you love on the road with you. One of my best friends is Justin who is also my tour manager. He actually… makes all the difference. Whenever I’m depressed, I have a shoulder or whenever I’m happy there is someone I can celebrate with. Even if I’m in a city that I’ve never been in, I don’t usually worry because Justin is with me.. This time it’s special because we have our own stage and we brought the whole family out.


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