Beldon Haigh's 'Need My Local Radio' Advocates for Strong Local Media Support

June 1, 2023 -

Justin Angle

Beldon Haigh was deeply moved when he learned about the impending job and programming cuts at BBC radio Humberside. This inspired him to write his latest song, "Need My Local Radio." The track serves as a heartfelt expression of Haigh's strong connection to smaller towns and local communities, highlighting his concerns about the concentration of power and creative decision-making in metropolitan areas.

"Need My Local Radio" serves as a cry for help, urging the preservation of local creative content production. With soaring vocals, driving acoustic guitar, and drums, the song blends elements of indie, folk, and pop, featuring a catchy chorus that evokes a sense of nostalgia. Its lyrics empower aspiring artists throughout the UK, capturing the essence of the importance of local media.

According to Haigh, reducing support for local media diminishes the confidence of the community, while a robust local media presence amplifies their voices, instilling pride and confidence. The song's aim is to foster a greater sense of connection, value, and significance within hometowns.

Haigh passionately criticizes small, powerful groups that prioritize the "grand scheme" while neglecting local details. He argues that every region and locality contributes to the fabric of a country, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and supporting all communities.

Following the success of his previous hit, "Dumpster Fire," which garnered 1.2 million views on YouTube, Haigh has further plans to release a full album in September and embark on a tour of small venues and local record shops to promote and support his music. With these endeavors, Haigh aims to bring his message to audiences across various locations, spreading awareness about the significance of local media and community support.


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