January 30, 2016 -

Sydney Jow

Today's Beats N Pieces is a special one. Each week a different Daily Beat team member brings you their five current favorite tracks - spanning from all genres and tastes, we love to give you a feel of what we're jamming to on our way to work, at the gym, and in the club. Today is my last day with the DB team, so I thought I would share the songs that are putting me in a good mood this week as a final homage. Some are old classics that I never get tired of, and others are new to my collection and serving serious vibes. Hope you enjoy.

1. Alex Twitchy - Baby In The Hood (Dash Groove Remix)

Digiment Records put out a slew of remixes for Alex Twitchy's Baby In The Hood. It's a hard hitting house track with ground shaking qualities. It wasn't until I heard Malaa drop this live last weekend that I realized it would be a go-to on my playlist. It's deep and deafening, and guaranteed to have a few people getting down real low.

2. &ME - Everless

This for me is an ultimate classic that I always find myself lost in. It's a meditative track that brings tribal energy to any environment - the kind of beats that you feel deep in your spine, traveling into your brain. The long drawn-out build up of drums and calming spiritual narration ends in an explosion of emotion and bass.

3. RL Grime - Reminder (Jonah Baseball Remix)

This groovy, sexual edit of RL Grime's Reminder is one of my favorites for its enchanting intro and stop-motion jazz beat. Often put on the back burner when it comes to remixes of RL - this one is softer and much less aggressive than the rest. It's soulful and expressive, and serves up the perfect amount of funk and romance. Listen to it now and you'll be immediately hooked.

4. Mikey Lion & Bengal - Like That (Original Mix)

If you know me in person, than you know that I love Desert Hearts. Not just love, completely adore. The Desert Hearts crew IS a movement, celebrating love and life through art and music. They are the definitive icons of Burning Man, and are just as amazing and lovely and you can assume. Their leader Mikey Lion, and Bengal recently released the track "Like That", and it's just the type of song that hits you on the dance floor.

5. SUPERLOVER - Love Machine

Maybe I'm just in the Valentine's day mood (that's coming up soon, right?), but I've been vibing hard to all these uplifting, makes-your-heart-beat-harder type of tracks. With bellowing vocals and funktastic melodies - it's impossible not to smile and spin at a track like this. The German producer, SUPERLOVER, brings the disco ball heat with "Love Machine".

Artwork: Voodoo Bownz


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