Bassrush Brought The Fire to Exchange LA

October 4, 2017 -

Fadi AbuZaineh

Just like any other genre under the umbrella of dance music, the bass scene has its respected subcategories with their own respective greats and up and comers. Last week, the metaphoric hub of Los Angeles electronic music referred to as Exchange hosted Flosstradamus and Boombox Cartel for a night of (for lack of a better term) litness.

The night started off with a 90 minute opening set by Los Angeles up and comer MHUZ. His unique blend of tech and bass house served as the perfect warmup for the amount of 808's and bass that was to come. Playing hits ranging from unreleased originals to tech house favorites, MHUZ did not shy away from giving his hometown a taste of what four on the floor beats had to offer. The crowd shook off their inhibitions and worries, and they were ready for the Cartel to take over.


The stage went dark as the steadily rising bass started pumping through the speakers. At the peak of the intro, out came Boombox Cartel and the crowd went wild. Personally, it was my first time seeing them play and even though only 1 member was present that did not change the impact it had on the fans. Playing a fusion of trap, moombahton and even house, Boombox Cartel delivered an awe-inspiring set full of moving melodies, bone-shaking bass and the heaviest of drops. I was majorly impressed with their performance and would definitely recommend seeing them the next time they're in town.


Next up was the headliner of the night and acclaimed pioneer of the trap movement Flosstradamus. From seeing them go from a duo to a solo act, Floss has always signified the coming together of a dedicated group of fans better known as the HDYNATION. Although the die-hard fanbase has always been loyal, I have to say that Curt's performance that night was not one of my favorites, and the crowd's reaction had some to do with that opinion. It's one thing when people leave because it was getting late, but I could tell that people were not as into it as they were for Boombox's set, even though they were decked out in HDY clothing. This is not me saying it was not a good set, but more so that it didn't deliver as well as it should have. It was still entertaining and the mosh pits still went quite hard but there was a higher expectation that just was not met.


Overall, it was a nice change to attend a bass event since I like to think of myself as a house and techno head. With the help of the #StayLitFam I realized coming together with a phenomenal group of friends always takes precedence over the type of music playing, and I still had a great time at one of my favorite clubs. It definitely won't be the last time I watch Flosstradamus but I will still go in with an open mind the next time I come across one of their sets.

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