BangOn!'s Sunrise Party With Lee Burridge Was The Perfect Way To Start 2016

January 8, 2016 -

Sydney Jow

Your knees are weak, eyelids heavy, a substantial layer of warehouse vibes resting atop your skin. Gallons of drinks drunk, hundreds of songs danced to, and an immeasurable amount of "we must fight through this crowd" frustration. It's 8:30am on New Year's Day and you've made the unfathomable decision to lengthen your already arduous NYE excursion. On the verge of falling asleep during your 20 minute cab ride into the depths of Williamsburg; you step out into the bright Friday morning sun, dragging your feet through check-in. But then, the faint pulse of a heavy bass, the light shuffling of thousands of dancing feet. Suddenly, continuing to party doesn't seem so far fetched.

This is exactly what we experienced at the entry of 2016. All we can say is, thank god for the amazing BangOn! team. As we stepped into the largely lit warehouse space at the ripe hour of 8:45am, our eyes were bewildered at the gorgeously decorated, high scaled venue, bustling with life like a techno-fueled ecosystem. Richly colored stained glass created an endless spectrum across the crowd and walls; slides, ladders, cages, and danging metallic vines reaching past the ceiling. Exhibits of mind-bending, multi-composition art decorated the sides and lounges.  The stage came together in a neon trifecta of electric visuals and dancing figures. And then the sound, oh the sound! Fistfuls of rock solid bass flowing like syrupy ripples through the flawless Funktion1 systems - in through our ears, down our bodies, touching at our feet. Moments before, all I could dream of was hitting the pillow. But with over-stimulation of this caliber, saluting the sun and dancing like a disco ball was the only option.


With vibes set on high, and positive energy at full saturation - the BangOn Sunrise Party was the best decision of 2016 thus far. Lee Burridge was already deep in his set by the time we arrived, but with no clear indicator of cooling down. My favorite thing about Burridge is his affinity for sound experimentation. He'll never confine his sets to just tracks and remixes, but incorporates sounds and thought provoking accents that keep your mind peaking. Imagine a gift box, full of different layers, textures, sands, crunches, liquids, ingredients, melodies, and everything in between. The components have different colors, flavors, and consistencies. Through his set, Lee challenges your mind and body to dive, mix, and sift through his presented musical smorgasbord. Dropping tracks from Seb Zito, Lake People, and  Matthew Dekay - he kept the vibes heavy and soul balanced. My top moments were when he played the soothing Images by Makam, and my all time favorite song, the delightfully tribal Everless by &ME.


Just when you thought you were on your final string, the clock strikes 11:00AM and the warehouse is still jam-packed. Moving in waves of melody, the energy undulating from the crowd is simply palpable. Crisp beats and drum kicks vibrated through the crowd, supplying unexpected bursts of vitality. There's only one thing that can keep us going for 14 hours straight, and that's incredible music. Not only did BangOn! orchestrate a beautiful event, but they successfully kept the party going longer than we thought we could last - and that's something special. Quickly becoming one of New York City's favorite event and production camps, we can't wait to see what this team has in store for us next.

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