A Very Special #BADdayclub: DBxBK Apparel Launch

March 6, 2015 -

Ashlyn Fulton

Mother Nature hasn't been too kind to New York this winter, but it's events like this that make us temporarily free our mind of the treacherous outside conditions and focus on why we come together in the first place: the music. This particular #BADdayclub was very special to us because it was the day we'd finally pull back the curtain and reveal our collaboration with Bad Kids Collective, months in the making.


The Daily Beat crew trekked through snow and sleet in order to arrive to Stage 48  early and help set up what we anticipated to be the best day club yet. Like a well-oiled machine, the merchandise and partner booths, Dance Safe and Scratch Academy were ready to go, Jess Marquis had taken over the decks, and, with co-owner Andi shouting, "10 MINUTES!" "5 MINUTES," the doors opened promptly at 4pm. Those who held VIP status proceeded directly to the roped-off area, complete with a private bar, lounge seating, and a pizza station! If Pizza wasn't your relish, there was popcorn and cotton candy to munch on instead. Those who held GA tickets began to inhabit the large open space downstairs, flocking toward the merch booth in order to peep the Bad Kids new Spring 2015 line. Not much later, the hot-selling BAD snap backs began to appear on heads of those who had arrived hat-less. The tunes were bumping, the alcohol was flowing, and the fourth BADdayclub was officially underway.

Last day club, the fall line was displayed on flat screen TV's throughout the venue. This time, there were actually live Bad Kid models walking around with the apparel on. This was able to give everyone a real sense of how the pieces look and operate under the ultimate party conditions.


The Bad Kids are known for having the best and most bad ass dancers perform at their parties and have been working with the girls over at Team Kitty Koalition for some time. These chicks really knew how to add the perfect amount of heat to place, especially with the winter tundra that lye just outside.


Liquid Todd then Aylen were next up and with their bouncy house beats, kept the vibe going strong as more and more party-goers found their way out of the snow and into Bad Kids Land.

The madness continued as The Disco Fries dominated the stage and I was able to see why these guys have the support of such major artists as Hardwell, Kaskade, and of course, Tiesto. What I love about these guys is the vortex of energy they create with their combination of progressive and big room beats accompanied by massive bass lines. You’ll be bouncing around one minute and head banging the next.


Nick and Danny recently collaborated with Lights Resolve and once that track began to play, Matthew Reich (lead singer) stole the mic and the vibe took a turn; and any live performance will do that. People began rushing to the front of the dance floor as he took command of the stage, and he was cool enough to come shake the hands of those who were obvious, long-time fans.


Last, but definitely not least, the other co-headliner of the night, Elephante. Classically trained Tim Wu of LA, entranced the crowd with his tech house vibes and sent every last person off with a new-found understanding and appreciation for the beats he laid out. And that wasn't even the end of the night for these Bad Kids; the after party with Oliver Heldens would begin in mere minutes and Elephante was the perfect guy to send them off.



Photos by Voodoo Bownz

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