Artist Spotlight & Exclusive Interview: Gruneau

July 2, 2014 -

Christopher Lavinio

We're definitely glad to have another up and coming spotlight here on Daily Beat. With so much incredible talent out there, we decided to feature one of Stockholm's hottest DJ/producers, Gruneau. The twenty three year-old Swedish producer has drawn influences from the likes of Sidney Samson, Afrojack, Laidback Luke, Avicii, Alesso, and more, and has continued to use those influences in his sound.

We recently caught up with the up and coming producer to talk about life in Stockholm, the massive talent pool that is Sweden, and some great tips for bedroom producers out there. Check out our exclusive interview below!

DB: Thanks again for joining us here on! We're so glad to have you today. Being from Stockholm must be a challenge with the most recent successes of many superstar DJs and producers in the scene. How do you plan on using the database of amazing talent to your advantage in being the next big thing in dance music?

Gruneau: The best thing about being in Stockholm is how close you feel that you are to all other big artists that have originated from here. My old studio used to be just two blocks away from where Avicii has his one, and I remember just walking past it made me think about pushing myself even further. Even though the scene is a lot bigger now than it was back in 2011 (when I first started playing around in Ableton), it still feels nice being part of something that has grown and evolved a lot during the recent years.

DB: At such a young age, who do you look to for your influences? How does that translate into your style of producing?

Gruneau: I don't really have a main source of influence, it can differ from time to time. I'm a huge listener of all the big producers such as Axwell, Ingrosso and Prydz, deadmau5 but even just watching a new episode of "Future Music: In the studio with (insert random artist here)" can make me open my laptop and just sit tinkering for hours. I also find myself making way too many remakes of tracks that are popular right now, but I feel that it helps me figure out how to arrange my own tracks faster.

DB: For those fans not from Sweden but have heard about the massive talents coming from the area, tell us about the dance music scene. How do you continue to be an on the rise talent in such a diverse music nation?

Gruneau: I just think its about pushing yourself and not being scared of trying new stuff, break your habits of opening the same synths or start building tracks in different ways. Its easy to fall into a habit where you think its "good enough" and that it works fine as it is, but that really wont open you up to creating new sounds, always experiment, it can only sound better!

DB: We always end with a bit of a joke question, but still love everyone's response. We have to ask you...if you had to pick two DJs to be your parents (one male and female) who would they be and why?

Gruneau: Laidback Luke (for his creativity) and Dinka (for her melodies!)

You can check out Gruneau's latest original mix, "Spring Fever," below!


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