Artist Spotlight & Premiere: Meland

June 16, 2014 -

Christopher Lavinio

We've posted about Norwegian up and comer, Richello, quite often here on Daily Beat. But, ever since his hiatus nearly a year ago, we've discovered a new talent from the same hometown, seventeen year-old Meland. So with a new breed of DJs coming from Fredrikstad, Norway, Meland hopes to be the next big thing in dance music, using his uniquely styled upbeat progressive sound that should soar him into summer. Taking on remixes such as Syn Cole's "Miami 82" and ZZ Ward's "365 Days," Meland is poised to make a big push as we begin the second half of 2014.

The Norwegian talent is here this morning, presenting his latest remix to Laidback Luke & Marc Benjamin's "We're Forever" in an exclusive Premiere. Allowing for such dynamic transitions between a gorgeous piano breakdown and progressive uplifting drop, Meland crafts the perfect summer anthem with euphoric vocals and his signature sound.

We also had a chance to tap into the mind of Meland, asking him about the challenges of Norwegian rise-to-fame, growing up with fellow Norwegian DJ Richello, and his summer-progressive style. Take a look at our exclusive interview below!

DB: Thanks again for joining us here on! We're so glad to have you today. Being from Fredrikstad must be a challenge with the most recent success of Richello. But, due to his absence, how do you plan on capturing the grown as Norway's next big thing in dance music?

M: I'm not thinking of Richello as a challenge, if i should call it that. But i want both Richello and I to break through and really become famous and know all over the world for what we are working for! Right now I am working on tons of new tracks, and sooner or later I will release every single.

DB: At such a young age, who do you look to for your influences? How does that translate into your style of producing?

M: I started producing music just for fun about one year ago, after i watched Avicii's session in studio making "Dancing in my head". I am trying not to be stuck on one single "genre", but to try what i want, depends on my creativity and all that. It's all from Kygo-style to massive progressive house!

DB: For those fans not from Norway, tell us about the dance music scene. How do you continue to be an on the rise talent in such a diverse music nation?

M: I think it's really difficult to really get noticed when you are from Norway, but if you are good enough, what country you are from doesn't say much. Both Richello and Kygo are both breaking through and that is just a proof that Norway can make music as well I guess.

DB: We are premiering your remix of Laidback Luke & Marc Benjamin's "We're Forever." Tell us about your production style, how the remix came about, and how it reflects your musical style?

M: I was searching through this site called "" and i found Laidback Luke's competition! I had never heard the song before, but i immediately felt like i wanted to remix this! I tried to keep the song somehow like the original but i still wanted to make a drop more like the songs in my "Genre"!

DB: We always end with a bit of a joke question, but still love everyone's response. Since you are 17, we have to ask you...if you had to pick two DJs to be your parents (one male and female) who would they be and why?

M: Haha, my father would probably be Deorro, i am just speechless about him. Amazing guy and a fantastic producer! My mother would probably be Lisa Lashes, i haven't been watching many females live or on the internet, but she got skills and looks good too, haha!


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