Arno Cost's "Return" to Amsterdam

December 2, 2015 -

Bradley J. Callison

Arno Cost has been providing a solid string of releases this year and his latest, "Return", captivates listeners with his eclectic signature blend of disco, house and pop influenced style of producing. He shares this in common with his hometown of Paris, as it is also multifaceted and influential in many unique ways. This year Arno Cost has already established himself as a premiere rising talent in the international dance music scene with successful releases such as “Coming Home,” an Insomniac-sponsored remix for “Rising Love,” and releasing “At Night.” Most notable, however, has been the launching of his own lifestyle brand “When in Paris.” Originally the radio show was first created with the intention of showcasing his original music and also highlighting fellow up-and-coming French producers, but it’s swift rise in popularity amongst music lovers was all it took to spawn its own live event series.

Back in October while I was in Amsterdam for Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), Arno went on to hold a personally curated “When in Paris” night at the Amsterdam Dance Event and also in Paris this year. The evenings featured music by the Paris native himself and others such as Nicky Romero, Norman Doray, Mike Mago, and NEW_ID. The night infused the indulgent vibes and grooves we love in house music combined with Cost’s French progressive and the magic of Amsterdam and ADE. What transpired was so memorable that Arno decided to immortalize the night with a brand new production in the form of "Return". I also had the chance to sit down with Arno for a bit during ADE and was able to pick his brain a bit regarding "When In Paris" and future plans.


“I was so inspired by the last When in Paris during the Amsterdam Dance Event that I wanted to create something that mixed that amazing spirit with the groove of Paris. This is a sound I want to explore more and a bit of a step outside of the box for me. I didn’t want you all to wait."


BC: Have you been to Amsterdam before?

AC: "Not every year, I'd say maybe twice every three years."

BC: What's the biggest difference you've noticed since coming?

AC: "It's definitely getting bigger. The industry is getting bigger if that makes sense. So many partie, so many things happening it's crazy. For us it's perfect."

BC: How was your Protocol event?

AC: "It was great. I played my own party and stage at the event and we had a big party and it was a blast. Tonight I'm playing alongside Marcus Schossow and then Saturday I'll be back in Paris."

BC: Speaking of Paris, tell me a little about the "When in Paris" project

AC: "It started as just a podcast actually and we wanted to share the music of today plus the oldies from back in the day. We had Nicky Romero, Han Solo on the show. He's a really good guy. We started to think it was a good idea to spread the concept and bring it to the next level and make some parties too. We did a party in Paris. The concept of "When in Paris" is also promoting new kids and talented artists to play at my parties. We just did the party here and we're also going to bring it to Miami, Italy and other major cities in Europe."

BC: LA too right?!

AC: LA of course man! I'd really like to bring the party to Create. We had a really good party there last year and I think it's a perfect place. It's not that big, we try to keep it intimate and do our thing in cool clubs, bringing our people and promoting the concept. Next step is launching our own label in 2016, also being called "When In Paris" and we're gonna sign my tracks and also new artists and some of my friends and new artists. We are going to stay independent in music style but of course if a major label wants to approach to put a track on the radio we'll look to see if it can be a breakthrough record. We want to make sure it's about the feeling and emotion and not necessarily one style. You could have a dubstep track and if it has an emotional factor we can relate with then we'll sign it."

BC: So you're not going to go after any genres in particular correct?

AC: "Well we won't be signing any pop or hip hop or country music but it's 2015. There are so many genres today that fall under just even looking at Techno or House not to mention all the others under each "main" genre. If the track is special we're gonna do it."

BC: Yeah I feel like everyone is so obsessed with labels and what genres or songs "sound like" you know, it's just music.

AC: "Yeah it's just music you know. Either it's good or it's bad. Right now there is also this thing going on where a lot of people want to emancipate themselves from the "EDM" scene and the genres. The people say, "Oh you sound like Martin Garrix", or something and we've heard too much about this. So it's great to see the this Future House come out last year and with guys like Oliver Heldens or Don Diablo trying to do something different which is good, it's good to keep it interesting. Every week I hear about a new guy from in the States coming up from nowhere and getting big in a few months that's insane. So it's exciting but at the same time there's so many people making music."

BC: Yes it's extremely saturated in LA and in the States.

AC: "Yes and I can feel that there's going to be a stop and no new acts are going to be able to blow up like they do now. It's saturated and it's gonna start being about quality music and using socials and holding tight. The new artists it's gonna be harder with so many others doing it. So you have to be the guy who create that "sound" or that style and everyone else follows. "When In Paris" is about doing our own thing and having our own sound. We want to export what's happening in Paris to the rest of the world."

BC: So besides the label what else is coming up?

AC: "Well we are working on new tracks everyday. Vocals are very important and they matter a lot to me time and I'm a perfectionist. We want to release a track a week. Some artists are using ghost producers because they are touring. So for us we want to focus on new material and new music and touring next year. We have some pretty exciting options in the pipelines so it's nice."

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