An Evening With Franz Ferdinand In LA

June 15, 2017 -

Louis Garcia

For the first time in years Scotland’s finest, Franz Ferdinand, return to Los Angeles in the midst of a world tour. Following guitarist Nick McCarthy’s exit in 2016, the string of US dates mark the first tour with new  members, Dino Bardot and Julian Corrie. Last time Los Angeles had seen the group was in 2014 following the release of Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions.

Selling out the Regent in seconds, these were definitely the hot tickets in town. Second hand tickets were easily reselling for over $100 for those desperately scouring the internet for tickets.

The energy began even before entering the venue. The line to get into the Regent wrapped around the block with everyone eagerly awaiting door time. Their styles of strange indie-rock dance-punk allows for Franz Ferdinand to attract people of all ages. Releasing hit record after record since 2004, it was clear that fans anywhere from age 15-50 were present, all decked out in Franz merch.


The crowd was electric the second the band took the stage. The band opened the show with the opening track of their debut album, 'Jacqueline' with frontman, Alex Kapranos, serenading a screaming crowd. The tempo picked up with the all too familiar bass line and then there was not a stationary person in sight.

They followed with the 2004 mega-hit 'Do You Want To' which you probably remember was everybody’s middle/high school jam. The crowd roared when it sang along with Alex, with everyone chanting “lucky lucky you’re so lucky” over and over again until everyone was out of breath.


New songs 'Paper Cages,' 'Lazy Boy', 'Always Ascending', and 'Huck and Jim' debut on their North American tour, nestled between classics from the 2000s that we all know and love.

Franz Ferdinand has one of the greatest stage presences I’ve ever witnessed. Alex Kapranos, draped in a statement cheetah print jacket, commands attention when he performs, sprinkling crazy dance moves on top of the sundae that is his powerful voice. The passion of their music definitely comes out when the whole band performs. Their tender intros and outros, intense guitar and bass lines with matching drums, and constant key changes only add to the allure of their showmanship

After a wave of “Ich Heisse Superfantastisch!” screams from the crowd, during 'Darts of Pleasure,' the band closed the show with 'This Fire'. Pulses of red and orange flashing lights filled the venue with everyone cheering and screaming “Burn This City” at the top of their lungs.

Franz Ferdinand continues touring until mid September, moving on to a European leg of their tour and ending at Ocean Climax Festival in Bordeaux, France.

Written by Ariana Padilla



  1. Jacqueline
  2. No You Girls
  3. Paper Cages
  4. Dark of the Matinee
  5. Do You Want To
  6. Walk Away
  7. Stand on the Horizon
  8. Lazy Boy
  9. Love Illumination
  10. Michael
  11. Huck & Jim
  12. Take Me Out
  13. Ulysses


  1. Always Ascending
  2. Goodbye, Lovers and Friends
  3. Darts of Pleasure
  4. This Fire


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