Alle Farben Unpacks New Album, New Visual, and Future Plans

September 29, 2016 -

Garrett Hoppin

Recently had the opportunity to interview German DJ/producer Alle Farben about his recently released album, Music Is My Best Friend, and the latest single and visual from the album, "Please Tell Rosie". Through the course of the interview, we touched on topics from tour life to the inspiration behind his recent music, and even touched on his thoughts on potential future collaborators.

GH: First off, congratulations on the release of your album and thank you for taking the time to do this interview! Getting into it, Music Is My Best Friend includes a lot of great featured vocalists — artists you’ve already worked with aside, are there any people you’re looking to work with over the next few years?

AF: I love being surprised. A new feature is always a surprise for me. Of course it could be interesting if a famous artist asks for a feature, but I like the feeling of hearing new voices nobody knows. That’s how it works. I get in touch with people in the studio or on tour and then we work together.

Getting into your most recent release, “Please Tell Rosie”, you also released a very impressive and heartfelt visual. Can you tell us more about the thought process behind that visual, who you worked with, and what was going through your head as you produced the track?

The track is very personal. It describes the situation in my life right now. The festival season nowadays is much longer, and no longer finishes around the beginning of September. During these months of festival season I travel a lot, and get to spend very few days at home. That is the other side of the coin of being a DJ. But that is okay; I love being on stage!

When you’re making music, do you have an idea of what you’d like the visual components to look like? Are the two built in parallel?

No, not usually. Of course, sometimes I have ideas in mind but generally the music is first. Then in the following process I have ideas what can happen visually.

“Please Tell Rosie” (and the album’s title) explicitly points out your relationship with music, and I read in an interview that part of your inspiration for this album came from your time on the road and how being on the move brought you closer to your music. Can you expand on that?

It is always important to have a balance of both: being on tour and in the studio. Plus, of course, being at home to relax and take everything in and plan your next moves. The creativity suffers when you don’t give it the time it needs.

Pushing that a bit further, how do you feel touring has affected your music overall?

There are a lot of moments that affect me and my music. Festivals and situations on stage, for example. “Please tell Rosie” describes it very well.

Are there any other influences on your evolving sound that you’d like to point out?

Yeah! The collaboration with Chris Gelbuda, singer of the next single “Bad ideas”, inspired me a lot. I like the folk elements he brings into the songs.

So, what’s next for Alle Farben?

The next single “Bad Ideas”, a lot of remixes, and the next album.

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