[INTERVIEW] Adventure Club want to be a part of the pop-punk revival

May 27, 2016 -

Ashlyn Fulton

They've been touring, they've been merch-ing, but since last November when "Limitless" was released, things, musically, have been a bit quiet for Adventure Club. They came out to Electric Daisy Carnival New York and rocked the Cosmic Meadow stage even harder than when we saw them there back in 2013. And rest assured, in this exclusive interview, Christian and Leighton promise a new album in the next few months, explaining that they've been sitting on a lot of new material - but could it be pop-punk influenced?

What makes EDC New York so special to you guys?

Leighton: We love New York. I feel like as far as our fan base goes, New York is the epicenter of where we like to play. We have a lot of fans out. We get a lot of radio play out here. So EDC is going to be good test spot to see how our new song “Crash” is doing. EDC is a really really good place to test things out for the crowd reaction. We’ve also been in the road for two months now so this is getting us back into the festival season.

What about an EP or album?

Leighton: Well we released 'Limitless' last November. So singles here and there. There is a pulse. But as far as an album goes, we’ve almost perfected it. I’d say about 2 or 3 months to go until we unveil it.

Christian: We’re sitting on a lot right now. We’re really bad at sitting on music.

Leighton: Every time we start and we finish a song we want to put it out right away cause we know it takes like a couple of weeks to finish.

But then your label controls when it will go out.

Leighton: Exactly. We want to get it out.

If you could form a superband with 5 artists, 2 being you. Who would be the other 3?

Christian: Well first we have to figure out what were going to play. I’d play guitar. Maybe double as keys in front of me. (To Leighton) I know you want to play drums but… no.

Leighton: No drums we’ll take Travis Barker.

Christian: Typical.

Leighton: Not typical, he’s one of the best guys. Him or .. I don’t know his name sadly… Ryan something… the drummer from Dillinger Escape Plan [Editors note: his name is Billy Rymer]

Christian: What genre is this band?

Leighton: It’s going to be a mix between… lets call it metal core EDM. And I want to say Dustin Kensrue from Thrice. Substitutes would be Borgore and Zomboy on drums.

What’s one track that you guys are proud of that most people might not know about?

Christian: I love ‘Retro City’ I’m a big fan of it. People who like it, really really like it. It’s just not in the same genre that we’re known for so it didn’t get as much traction.

Leighton: For me would be ‘We Don’t Eat.’ It’s a James Vincent McMorrow Remix. It kind of solidified our whole liquid dubstep sound. It’s when we knew we wanted to take that route.

Do you guys ever had any weird DJ dreams?

Christian: I’m definitely getting some ambient feelings from some bad DJ sets.

Leighton: The never starting set. Like you’re up there ready to go and the drop is supposed to happen and then nothing happens. Just a continual loop of that happening the whole set; I’ve had that one.

Christian: I know for a fact I’ve had so many weird ass dreams related to playing sets and they’re all super uncomfortable for some reason but I never take note of them.

Anything recurring?

Christian: Nothing recurring, no. But I think me and Leighton get in a fight in a couple of them, which is weird because we never get in fights. Or it will be like, I will play the wrong song and Leighton will be really unhappy with my song selection.

Leighton: There is one where we just cant get to the stage – there is always an obstacle. Like were hanging in the greenroom and something happens and we’re blocked and before you know it, the set’s over and our career is over.

What’s one short-term goal and one long-term goal of yours?

Leighton: Short-term goal is to get this album out. 100%. We’re really excited to unveil it to the world.

Christian: Long-term goal has nothing to do with Adventure Club. I want to make the MAGIC: THE GATHERING pro tour one day. No one even knows what that is but I’m going to do it. It’s like a strategy card game. Take a couple years out of my life when I’m way to old to be doing it and just go in there and make something happen. Get some respect in the wizard world.

Leighton: I want to revive pop-punk and start a pop-punk group.

Christian: That actually is… we’re kind of waiting on that, because we were in a pop-punk band before all the EDM stuff. Pop-punk had a little trail off, EDM was up-and-coming and there aren’t as many pop-punk influences as their used to be. But it seems to be on an up-trend right now. You said it yourself, Blink is coming out with a new album. We’re excited to start churning out real pop-punk.

What are your thoughts on everything going on with Krewella right now? Personally, I love their new track “Beggars” and am excited for what’s to come.

Leighton: Being really close to the issue, I can’t really comment. I’m so proud of the girls. They’re pushing through; they’re releasing amazing music. I’m privy to all the new stuff they’re about to release.

They’ve pretty much given the middle finger to everyone.

Leighton: Exactly. They handled it perfectly. They should have no regrets with what happened. They’re going to be stronger for it.


Photo by Blaise Joseph


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