AC Slater's Los Angeles Underground

February 17, 2015 -

Daily Beat Staff

Grammy weekend provided many surprises for the world of music as is the custom during Grammy weekend. There was plenty of partying to be had, it all just depended on where you chose to party. I found myself at an iHeartComix Grammy party located at a warehouse right next to the Historic State park where HARD Summer and Day of the Dead was held prior to 2014 and is still currently under construction. Vibes were very friendly and I couldn't pick a bad apple out of the entire bunch that night and into the next morning. After vibing out to a few of the opening DJs and commiserating, I went outside for some air with my roommate. It didn't take me all but 2 minutes to realize that two of the top producers in the game today were only about 20 feet away from me. A-Trak and AC Slater had just arrived. I got the chance to chat with AC for a couple minutes about Night Bass, the monthly underground event that AC holds at Sound Nightclub located in Hollywood, which was started last year and which I even attended the first Night Bass and has since been growing in popularity along with the music of AC Slater, we all continued into the night. I had heard before the party that there was going to be a surprise guest DJ and after confirming this with AC himself, I knew those in attendance were in for a treat. A-Trak left shortly after I talked with AC so that ruled out any possible back-to-back with AC, which is what thought was going to be absolutely game-changing if they decided to try that out that night. Around 2am, AC Slater finally came to the decks. With his flawless mixing and blend of his signature bass sound that has been sweeping the electronic scene by storm, AC showed why his is on the forefront of bass music today. AC definitely got the place rather toasty as I even ended up taking off some layers and running around shirtless throughout the place. Teasing his new track "Sex", things got even hotter towards the end of his set. By the end of his set, the crowd was drenched in sweat and I knew most of the people there didn't even know who AC Slater was but now they definitely do. If you haven't been able to catch AC Slater do his thing live before I strongly recommend attending the next Night Bass at Sound in Hollywood on February 26th when MJ Cole and AC slater hit the decks. Grab tix here for the best kept secret in LA.  -    Bradley Callison

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