A Beautiful Orchestration ~ Above & Beyond in Philadelphia

January 26, 2018 -

Barrett Hoffer

Last night I got to check something off of my bucket list. Last night was my first time to see an Above & Beyond live performance. I know this may come as a shock to some of you. Truth be told, I was surprised in myself. How had I not checked off such a name sooner? Well, better late than never, I suppose.

For starters, I’ve always been a fan of The Fillmore in Philly. This show was on a Thursday night so it wasn’t quite as bad as the typical rowdy weekend crowd. After passing thru security I come in to hear the 4-on-the-floor beat accompanied with heavy synths just dancing ever so gently into my eardrums. I furnished myself with a drink, and on I went.

Now, it goes without saying, that a name such as Above & Beyond carries with it a certain reputation. Perhaps one of the reasons I enjoyed the show so much was because I walked in a blank sheet, a clean slate. No expectations, just an open mind and open ears. From what I could identify, the track selection was a wonderfully blended mixture of classics, new ones from the album, crowd favorites, nostalgia packed tear jerkers, and few good bassy thumpers in there.

Now it’s time to touch on what stuck with me the most. The visual set up. I’m not necessarily talking about the structures they had on stage, but rather the lights and lasers. The different types, colors, shapes, and sizes. It was flat out impressive. It’s been quite some time I’ve had that level of a wow factor instilled within me. Well done, gentlemen.

As Above & Beyond is known to “bring the feels,” that’s exactly how I felt by about 10:30pm last night. Just standing in the crowd, lost in my own observation of my surroundings. Speechless. The music combined with the visuals was nothing short of beautiful.

The upcoming album is titled Common Ground. The podcast is known as group therapy. And the trio, go by Above & Beyond. Don’t make my same mistake. Don’t wait. Don’t put it off. They’re considered legends for a reason. Go find out why.

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