7 Reasons Why Splash House Is a Summer Hit

August 27, 2022 -

Celeste Olvera

There’s no better way to appreciate summer in California than spending it in a pool with great music, company, drinks, and endless vibes. Splash House checks each of these off of your list and adds more spice to how you imagined your summer festivities to be like оформить онлайн займ на карту. After 3 weekends of stacked lineups, endless pool parties, and non-stop fun, here are 7 reasons why Splash House is a summer hit.

photo by: blake daryaie

Poolside Chillin

No matter the stage you decide to plant yourself at for the day, there are accessible pools for the ultimate poolside chilling (for festival attendees only). Grab your coolest floaty and make your way to the water to cool down from the summer heat. The pools are open during festival hours, so spend the entire day on the dancefloor, the pool – or both! The pools vary in size depending on the location, but nonetheless still a vibe no matter where you decide to plant yourself.

3 Stages, 3 different vibes

Splash House has three stages, each with a different vibe to spice up the summer vibes. There is the Renaissance stage, the Saguaro, and Margaritaville. The Renaissance is the largest of all three stages, followed by the Saguaro, then Margaritaville. Each stage is located at a different hotel, and each set-up differs based on the hotel’s poolside layout. If you’re worried about finding shade, two of the three stages have coverings above to protect attendees on the dancefloor from the blazing sun. It may seem like a bit of a hassle but we definitely encourage making your way to each stage at some point during the weekend!


So many stages, and so many locations, it may seem overwhelming but don’t fret- there’s a shuttle service available for all attendees to have easy access to travel to each of these places. Each hotel is organized with a shuttle line, separated by each desired destination, and these shuttles run throughout the duration of the festival. With charter bus-sized shuttles, there’s definitely enough room for people to migrate to and fro!

photo by: mallory turner

Convenient Stay at Hotels

One of the best perks of Splash House is the ability to stay at any of the hotels where the stages are located at. With three different options, each hotel varies in style, size, and vibe- choose the stay of your choice and have the easy convenience of enjoying the festival without truly ever leaving the site. This is a great option and highly recommended as this is convenient for pre-games, after-parties, or even just a nice break spot if rest from the Cali heat is needed (it definitely will be).

photo by: nicole busch

Balcony Decorations

Balcony decorations are a signature staple of Splash House! This is one of the best parts of the festival no matter which stage you decide to spend most of your time at or whichever location you decide to book your room. Creativity is at its ultimate peak as Splash House-themed balconies, meme-worthy, DJ themes, cartoons, and so much more shine alongside the rooms of festival-goers. It’s pure entertainment just sightseeing the balconies alone, and it certainly is a waste of a room if there aren’t any balcony decorations on it. Once you see all of the rooms decked out in person, it’ll all make sense. Seeing the witty humor and creativity of others shine is one of the best parts of this festival!

Palm Springs

PALM SPRINGS! The city that Splash House takes place in isn’t a traffic-heavy place like Los Angeles, it’s easy to maneuver and is far more relaxed than many other surrounding cities. Palm Springs is known to be a beautiful destination spot for vacations, as many retired individuals live in the area. The city is clean, surrounded by beautiful scenic mountains and palm trees, with great hangout spots to check out all around the city. No need to worry about dealing with sketchy areas, Palm Springs is a nice getaway. Just a heads up, it’s much hotter here than in the surrounding areas. So bring sunscreen, a fan, and a hat, you’re definitely going to need it!

Phenomenal Lineup

The most obvious factor that makes Splash House a summer hit is the lineups! Originally with two b2b weekends of stacked fun, this year held an additional weekend at the beginning of June that made this year’s edition even more special. Each lineup specializes in bringing underground names around the genres of house, techno, disco, and anything in between! This year brought names like Jungle, Polo & Pan, Franky Wah, Channel Tres, Hayden James, Elderbrook, Joshwa, and more!

photo by: mallory turner

Splash House is a summer must if you live in Southern California and if you’re looking for your next festival getaway. This is the best escape to enjoy the peak summer season and a reason to get groovy with friends along the poolside. This is a one-of-a-kind festival that truly adds more adventure to the average 3-day event. You don’t have to think twice about having the perfect outfit as everybody is here simply for summer fun, and this is a great way to add some spice to your festival bucket list! Grab your gang together and start planning for Summer 2023, as Splash House will definitely be making its iconic return.

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