6 Ways Electric Zoo Transformed Made Up for the Last Two Years

September 18, 2015 -

Ashlyn Fulton

If you've attended Electric Zoo for the past few years, or even kept up with the news surrounding it, you know about the 3rd day curse and the struggle that comes with it. If you haven't, the 3rd day curse simply involves the last day of the festival being canceled. Many were hesitant to even purchase a three day ticket this year; those that did, saw the complete transformation happen right before their eyes. The smooth running operation, the incredible artists, and the good vibes that filled the air this past Labor day weekend are just the beginning. Here are 6 ways Electric Zoo made up for the last two years:


 1. Help Points

This list is in no particular order but personally, this was my favorite transformation. Due to drug-related instances on day 2 of EZoo 2013, the city forced Made Event to cancel the last day. This year they over prepared with "help points" by Celebrate Safe strategically placed throughout the festival grounds. There were even Celebrate Safe Peer Safety Ambassadors walking around the festival grounds, serving as mobile help points if someone in danger was unable to make it to one of the booths.


Photo by TECH PAT INC.


 2. Better and More Interactive Art Installations

A flowery elephant, a straw gorilla, and inflatable zoo animals that danced among the crowd were just a few of the new pieces of art I saw this year. Made event has realized how much the visual aspect of a festival, like at Mysteryland or the many BangOnNYC events, are just an important to the experience as the music we all unite for. And with ID&T on board, this vision was able to come to life.


Photo by TECH PAT INC.


 3. "The Hideaway"

Nestled away near the west gate entrance was The Hideaway. This tree covered sanctuary was the perfect place to cool off and take a break from the dance floor. Accompanied by Vitamin Water's Treehouse stage, The Hideaway was bumping soothing deep house tunes by local New York DJ's all day long.


Photo by P W Photography


 4. Free Stuff

You get a Vitamin Water! You get a Vitamin Water! Everyone here gets free Vitamin Waterrrr!! This was pretty much a godsend for thousands of dehydrated ravers. In addition to the Vitamin Water sponsor booth handing those out the entire 3 days of the festival (and not just 1 at a time; they shoved 3 or 4 at you), there were collapsible water bottles being handed out and free fill up stations, so you had ZERO excuses to complain about water prices. They were even handing out little sticks of deodorant to keep you fresh between the festival and after party!


Photo by P W Photography


 5. Redesigned Stages

My favorite was that the Riverside Stage finally took its covers off and transformed into a zebra print octopus! During the day was one sight to see but when the lights hit at night, it turned into a different spectacle. For the first time, the Hilltop Arena, sponsored by MasterCard, was a complete blackout. Even on the brightest afternoon, you would step inside this tent and get the sense that it was 2am and you were raging to your favorite bass DJ. Sunday School welcomed Awakenings all the way from Europe for all the techno buffs, and a massive soaring phoenix morphed main stage into an unbelievable mega-structure.


Photo by Scottyhawk Photography


 6. A 3rd day!

Perhaps the most "transformed" aspect of Electric Zoo this year was the fact that after 2 years, there was actually a FULL third day. The circumstances in 2013 were very unfortunate and it's understandable why the city made them cancel last day. And, yes, 2014 was due to mother nature, which no one can control, but day 3 of this year was, in fact, the best and most beautiful day of them all. With Pete Tong dismissing Sunday School, Alesso closing the main stage, and the spectacular transformation finale, I can't wait for what's in store for 2016!


Photo by P W Photography

Cover photo by Scottyhawk Photography

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