6 Highlights From Bud Light Sensation Into The Wild

December 2, 2014 -

Aaron Lee D'Souza

Sensation White returned to Toronto for the second time in Canada, and this year’s theme of ‘Into The Wild’ truly delivered what it needed to. Rogers Centre was converted into a space where your inner animal could come out and play for the night, and every step was taken to ensure the ambience fit your mood. If you missed Sensation White this year, you certainly missed out on an exceptional experience that Toronto won’t see for a while, but we’re here to bring you the top moments we enjoyed at Sensation White Toronto 2014.

6. The Stage Dancers

IMG_9255These weren’t your regular dancers at an EDM show. These dancers possessed something in them that was able to send the crowd into a state of trance, accompanied by music flowing through the crowd. Something about the slow, carefully choreographed movements of the dancers, along with the fast paced music from Afrojack mesmerized us in a way that can’t be explained.

5. Special Bud Light Sensation Bottle

IMG_8000If you’re getting the whole Sensation experience, you want your drinks to follow suite too. These special edition Bud Light Sensation bottles added the Into The Wild theme to your drinks, ensuring you get the whole package when it comes to your Sensation White experience.

4. The 360 Deck

IMG_8189The spinning DJ booth on the centerpiece in the middle of the stadium drew a lot of attention from everyone in the crowd. This allowed all audience members from all sides, no matter where they were, to have a piece of the action directly in front of them. To see the DJ interact with each and every section of the crowd helped tie the experience together, and deliver a truly 360 experience.

3. The Production

IMG_8888Oh boy, where do we even start? Every inch of Rogers Centre had a special touch of Sensation built around it. Centered inside the stadium lay the huge inflatable prop that could be seen from every angle, anywhere. Projected onto it was a light show that you could not even fathom, combined with lasers that never seemed to end, pyrotechnics that left a burning sensation within you, and the water show that just left all the viewers in a state of trance. Sensation was truly about the experience, and the production got us there.

2. Light-Up Wristbands

IMG_8398-EditSensation had a secret element that had yet to reveal itself as the night progressed, and that was you. Every audience member danced on the night with a Sensation wristband that lit up the stadium at just the right moments. Just when it was needed to, the bands would light up to a colour that reflected the mood of the atmosphere at that very moment. Flashes of different colours before every drop, pulsating lights during a smooth bassline, and extended flashes during an interlude; these bands did their job, and did it right.

1. Beautifully Curated Sets

IMG_9047This was no ordinary line-up with ordinary sets. Each and every DJ from the lineup delivered a carefully thought-of set that went along with the theme of the night, allowing the production to fall hand-in-hand with the music being played. From Mr. White, to Eric Prydz, to Afrojack; every set was a pleasant surprise that kept us on our feet all night long.

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