5 Years of mau5: More Than Just a Compilation

November 25, 2014 -

Fadi AbuZaineh

If you're like me, then you are one of the many people who appreciates deadmau5, for not only his music and iconic mau5 head helmet, but what he has done for music worldwide. For just over 5 years now, Joel Zimmerman has created not only an alter ego, but a symbol of the rise of electronic music in North America. Since releasing Random Album Title in 2008, the electronic music producer's fame and notoriety have skyrocketed, putting him at the top level of music producers worldwide with no sign of ever slowing down. What makes him stick out from the rest however, is his very blunt, and straight to the point demeanor. He is very outspoken in the world of electronic music, and makes his opinion on controversial topics known and respected, no matter what people think. I do not think we can go for a week without seeing a tweet of his get spread all over the blogs and social networks because it had an immense amount of sarcasm and or "trolling." Whether it's new music or a new coffee run video, people are always keeping their eyes on what is coming from the mau5.

With that being said, Zimmerman has put together a compilation album entitled 5 Years of mau5 which includes two parts. The first being 10 original favorites from his past albums such as The Veldt, Strobe, and Ghosts 'n' Stuff. Part two features remixes from producers of different genres in the world of EDM, including Madeon's remix of Raise Your Weapon, an Eric Prydz take on The Veldt, and a remix of the timeless collaboration with Kaskade, I Remember by Shiba San. He has even added some exclusive remixes to add to your collection, depending on where you get the album. iTunes exclusively has a remix of Maths by Cobra Effect, and a Maywald remix of Raise Your Weapon, while Beatport has a re-edit of I Said by Michael Woods, and a remix of Raise Your Weapon by Weiss. Spotify only features a Michael Cassette remix of Raise Your Weapon.

Overall, I very much enjoyed listening to the 5 Years of mau5 album. It brought back many awesome memories from my days of becoming a die hard fan of electronic music, as well as my first time seeing deadmau5 perform at this year's Day of The Dead festival. Listening to this album from top to bottom is mandatory, and is definitely worth your time and hard earned money. Pick up a copy from your seller of choice, and as always...HAPPY LISTENING!

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