3 Immersive Experiences to Indulge in at Lightning In a Bottle

May 10, 2022 -

Celeste Olvera

California is known to have some of the most unique music festivals that not only provide great music, scenic views, weather, and great company, but also immersive experiences that allow attendees to participate in activities besides hitting the dancefloor.

Founded by the DoLab, Lightning in a Bottle is one of these special festivals that curates outstanding lineups and also creates some of the most unique and fun social, spiritual, and learning experiences for those who want to enhance their weekend escapade.

The Compass includes the Memory Palace, Ceremonial Fire, and The Learning Kitchen which are three of many immersive experiences to participate in at Lightning in a Bottle.

photo by: Watchara

The Compass is a learning and culture program that aligns with the ethos of LIB which is: connection, expression, and community. The motive of this program is to lead and indulge attendees through a captivating thought-provoking journey.

With a series of workshops, panels of talks, and performances from a variety of spiritual enthusiasts and experts, these life-changing expenditures are meant to be carried beyond LIB grounds and into the daily lives of attendees.

The Compass is made up of 6 programmed areas including Memory Palace, Ceremonial Fire, The Learning Kitchen, Craft, and more.

There is something for everyone, and stepping out of your comfort zone is heavily encouraged here.

photo by: Don Idio

One of the first immersive experiences at LIB is the Memory Palace.

This portion of The Compass is an area meant to appreciate unique underground visual arts made to raise your vibration and your consciousness.

Besides visual art, the Memory Palace also has a variety of teachers, thought leaders, and transformation-based healers who assist people in engaging within their individual and collective psyche for personal healing and growth.

The Ceremonial Fire is another immersive experience worth checking out. Led by Living Village Culture, a temporal space to explore and to create and sustain a village through organic design is guided by Isis Indriya. The fireplace is the heart of their offerings and the weekend is kicked off with this ceremonial fire.

Honoring the ancestral homelands of the Tejon Tribe, the fire is lit at the Opening Ceremony on Wednesday, and each evening at sunset a fire gratitude ceremony is led by Wisdom Keepers from globally diverse cultures to welcome the night. The fire stays burning all night, and once daytime comes around it is then carried by a single flame throughout the day.

This gathering encourages storytelling and an opportunity to connect with others.

For curious food lovers, The Learning Kitchen is the third immersive experience at LIB that will surely leave you feeling inspired to spice up your cooking abilities at home. These food-focused classes and workshops will have you hungry and ready to dive into your own personal food journey.

photo by: Get Tiny

Made for beginners and for experts, these classes will teach culinary techniques, the fundamentals of health, and how to find enjoyment in cooking.

There is much to learn and explore with workshops like Chef Perla & Elevation eating’s Praise Cheezus: Elevated Nut Cheese class, Green Keto: Bye Bye Suga Cravings led by Katelyn Lahusen, Vive Organic’s Regenerative Soil Practices & Juice, and much more!

These three experiences are only a small fraction of what is offered at Lightning in a Bottle. These carefully curated events help make this festival distinctive from others as they heavily encourage wandering off the dancefloor and discovering new things, or even do some soul-searching and meeting some friends along the way.

photo by: Eric Allen

Lightning in a Bottle is a five-day event that will be taking place on May 25-30th 2022 at Buena Vista Lake, California. If you loved the DoLab stage at Coachella this year, consider diving deeper into the world of LIB and add this stacked festival to your music festival bucket list.


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