10 Reasons Why H<3art Beats is the Most Unique Bass Party in NYC

November 14, 2018 -

Daily Beat Staff

It's no surprise that H<3art Beats has started a movement in New York's bass music scene. Since the closing of Webster Hall in August of 2017, bass heads have been craving their fix. With similar parties now sprouting from Brooklyn, here are 10 ways the H<3art Beats shows stand out from the crowd:

1. Custom stage designs and visual mapping

Each show has a unique stage design that is custom-built and projected on with stunning, immersive visuals.


2. Bass ballerinas

Bet you weren't expecting that! These babes add a sophisticated flare to each H<3art Beats show.


3. Live singer
A classically trained singer ties live performace into bass music like you have never heard before.


4. Live painters

Watch these talented artists create remarkable pieces right before your eyes!


5. Flow artist performances

UFOrbits will make sure your senses are always entertained.


6. Vendors

Pins, tapestries and kitty ears - come for the music, leave with some custom H<3art Beats pins from A-Z Creations.


7. Harm reduction

Beyond Dope is a non-profit organization who aims to empower individuals with opiate addictions, so they can reduce the risks associated with active opiate abuse, and ultimately choose an opiate-free lifestyle.


8. Sexual harassment safe space

The NYC bass music scene is introducing a new program called the "Purple Necklace Initiative" where several designated sober attendees will be wearing an illuminated purple necklace and will roam the crowd, making sure people are safe and happy. Feel unsafe or harassed at and event? Find a purple necklace and your situation will be handled.


9. At least one female DJ

Past ladies include Beat Kitty, Anna Morgan, JEANIE, Jynxx and this time, Huxley Anne!


10. Those oh-so-cozy vibes

Come be apart of the fam!



All of this, in conjunction with the weirdest bass mucic you've ever heard, creates an truely unique experience at every single show.

Come see what H<3art Beats has to offer this Friday, November 16 at Knitting Factory Brooklyn with Stooki Sound, Huxley Anne, Akamu, Pressha, and Max Stone.

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Photos by Chuck Kwok and Jamie Panico Photography

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