10 Performances That Will Evaporate Your Existence At Hard's Day of the Dead 2014

October 30, 2014 -

Louis Garcia

After killing it with their HARD Summer festival, our boys are back at it for their annual Halloween event. People sometimes say that the lineup is not important and that it's all about the experience, but this year's lineup showed us what love at first site really means. HARD was able to construct a unique blend of genres while showcasing well known acts and underground artists from across the globe.

We've selected our top acts for this festival and we encourage everyone to check back in after this weekend for our review of the event as well as some exclusive DB interviews.



The French Techno Prince will be back to claim his throne as one of the most versatile experimental electronic artists in the game. Last time we caught him at Hard Summer for an intense afternoon set but now that he has a solid night slot we're expecting to be completely hypnotized into his twisted world of terror.



Snail's abilities to synthesize granular liquid bass drops has kept EDM fans wondering where did he come from and what's next? We have no doubt that he will be the next top choice for a bass heavy festival act in 2015.



AlunaGeorge has been taking the EDM world by storm with features from artists such as Disclosure, Baauer, Rustie, as well as an addicting debut album entitled Body Music. These London natives are killing the scene by fusing futuristic elements of electronic music with the smooth sounds of R&B.



Easily one of our favorite festival acts of the year, Big Gigantic is bound to kill it when they take on the main stage Sunday afternoon. With live sax and drums, these boys offer a unique spin on the festival DJ set by incorporating a jazzy feel throughout the show.



After debuting their live show at this past Coachella, we're stoked to finally get a piece of the action. This Swedish electronic duo consists of members from Miike Snow and Style of Eye. Although they're relatively new, they have already gained a massive following off of their unique anthemic house singles that carry infectiously catchy melodies on top of soaring vocal features.



One of the most prolific producers in modern electronic music, Pretty Lights, has been slaughtering the electronic scene with his eclectic fusion of electro-soul and glitched-out bass music. After dropping his latest masterpiece A Color Map of the Sun, Mr. Lights has decided to completely wipe out all that we ever thought was great by performing with a live ensemble. There's nothing better than seeing a live band at an EDM festival, especially when its such rare of an act to come across.


seven lions

Santa Barbara's biggest basshead is coming to slay Pomona with a set thats gonna be absolutely brain melting. This cat has been in the game for quite some time but in the past few years he's really been proving his worth by putting out epic tracks and spinning some of the most filthiest dubstep sets. His EDC performance was a giant stepping stone and now that he has everyone's attention we're confident that he's gonna be the next big thing in bass music.



Chillwave electronic duo Odesza has been blowing up through their luscious originals and spiritually awakening soundcloud mixes. In this day and age its possible for talented artists to step from the bedroom into massive festivals by the simple fact that their music is great. These guys are a perfect example of that and we're stoked to catch their HARD debut.



Trap fans will be rejoicing when RL Grime takes the stage this weekend to throw down and claim his position as one of the wildest producers to lead the genre. Since the explosion of trap RL Grime has continued to prove his skill by constantly pushing boundaries with his production and live performances. With his debut album VOID on the horizon and a slot on the mainstage, we can only expect that he'll be throwing down one for the books.




Where do we even begin with this guy? Guy isn't even appropriate because its pretty obvious that Lorin Ashton, a.k.a. Bassnectar, comes from the planet of trip sickening sub frequencies able to melt human consciousness into its ancient atomic form. Bassnectar does not DJ when he's on stage, he performs rituals of wizardry that our brains transcribe as dubstep therefore giving him the power to single handedly lead a massive audience into his world of kaleidoscopic truth. We're honored to be apart of our lord and savior of EDM and we have no doubt that his headlining set will be absolutely life changing.

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