YAMUSETRO Explores the Reality of “Sweet Love”


YAMUSETRO Explores the Reality of “Sweet Love”

It’s been a while since a song as tugged at my heartstrings like this one. “Sweet Love” by YAMUSETRO paints a surreal soundscape that delivers deceivingly dark lyrics. While tinkling synths lightly dance in the background, the artist explores subject matter including loneliness, nihilism, drug abuse, and sex. However, despite the somber tone, the driving 808s and a captivating hook demonstrate a pop sensibility that promises to have this tune playing in your head all day.

YAMUSETRO’s is yet another artist such as Joji, Frank Ocean, and The Weeknd who is pioneering new grounds in R&B, embracing an idiosyncratic, and at times, psychedelic approach. Definitely hit play and let “Sweet Love” whisk you away to another world.

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