Will Eastman – Froggie


Will Eastman – Froggie

Exploratory and expansive. Those are the words that come to mind when listening to Will Eastman’s “Froggie”, the first release from his forthcoming LP, “Hilo”. Eastman created “Hilo”, a concept album, to capture the wide range of emotions and personal experiences he had after recently learning he was adopted.

“In an instant, nothing seemed real,” he told Billboard Dance this week. “What I knew about my background was based on a fabrication. In a way, my life had been an illusion. I began to distrust reality itself, at the very time I would be forced to recreate an identity. I needed to throw away everything I thought I knew and start over. It was necessary to forge a new identity, but also to survive psychologically.”

Eastman—a producer, DJ, and the owner of Washington D.C.’s world-renowned U Street Music Hall—shows in this first release that he is not looking to sugarcoat his experience. The track is expressive to a degree not often heard in electronic music nowadays, capturing the moment when Eastman learned he was adopted. It sets the table for what Eastman described to Billboard Dance as an LP that is, “Music about birth and destruction, and the ways we hurt ourselves and others. Songs about yearning and satiation, loss and wealth of spirit. About loving someone more than oneself. The graceful way a simple gesture can save someone’s life. The ways we can burn every ounce of energy we have yet keep going. Forever.”

For more on “Froggie” and “Hilo” (release date TBD), read the write-up and interview from Billboard Dance here.

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