Who’s Tryina Netflix N’ Kill?


Who’s Tryina Netflix N’ Kill?

This track literally made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Going to be a serious banger over MMW and this years festival season.


This duo has started 2016 with a bang, from Jackal’s infamous “Shakedown” to Dr. Fresch’s anticipated monthly mix series “‘Perscriptions”. Between Jackal hitting the festival stages hard & Dr. Fresch recently kicking off a North American tour with SNBRN & Shaun Frank, both are sweeping the scene one major accomplishment at a time. Making their Buygore debut, “Netflix N Kill” is a high-intensity festival hit, not for the faint hearted; filled with sub wrecking drops, quick breaks, and obliterating lasers, it takes on a ride through complete pandemonium. It is available now for purchase via Beatport and Spotify.




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