When Life Gives You Limes…Make Future Bass [Free Download]


When Life Gives You Limes…Make Future Bass [Free Download]

In what starts out as an upbeat electric drizzle of a piano melody (Limes) the new track by Kayoh and Stonewall Klaxon quickly morphs into heavy future bass anthem that literally will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand straight up.

Limes is sure to be the “oh shit what song did (insert DJ’s name here) just drop” of the early 2016 festival season.

With monumental build ups accompanied by beautiful piano and the oddly comforting sounds of lasers firing Limes weaves its way through the intro of the song fluidly to the drop, upon which the tone takes a drastic turn.

And when Limes drops it drops hard. Throwing in back breaking bass and beat that will make no ass go unshaken Kayoh and Stonewall Klaxon have put together one of the best showings in Future Bass of the new year.

You can get more from Kayoh and Stonewall Klaxon on Soundcloud as well as download Limes for FREE

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